Juneaugoldbuyer whale #189

in new •  2 years ago

I'm ahead of Google mini whale and Microsoft mini whale. Feels good !!!!!!!!!!!!
Makes me feel powerful lol

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@juneaugoldbuyer You really are going for it! Good luck my friend. ps. stop by and check out my latest post when you can. Thank you and
full $teem ahead!

Got your message.
No not yet. Thank you 👍


Got it
Thank you. Sweet ❤️

@juneaugoldbuyer, you are also an honorable person and a person with integrity!

Steem on,


So true. Thanks mike you as well

Hi! @juneaugoldbuyer
Please to rampage in the future :D
I'm counting on your success.

Where are all the supporters?

@juneaugoldbuyer, I have not received mine yet ;-)


ok ill send now


Got it @juneaugoldbuyer. Thanks a million!