Thanks Brother!
I just followed and made this post on the page.

Awesome post!
I was aware of the RobinHoodWhales and supported them and now you guys!
It's especially cool because @junaugoldbuyer is a good guy who has been supporting me as I try and build some Steem here on this platform.
I have done a lot of good for many people in my life and I always appreciate when others care about the well being of others and not just their own gain.
I will be supporting and following you guys and will make a point to get in the chat room sometime soon and say hi.
Keep up the great work! STEEMIT is only going to get more awesome because of people like you!
Best Regards~*~

didn't know about this one yet.. thanks for headsup! :D

Thank you for the helpful information and the reminder.

Steem on,

Cool. I wasn't aware of this one. Thanks for the heads up.

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