Does anybody know what these tall white cylindrical poles are???

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cylindrical pole.jpg

Not my best picture but this was the closest one I could get too. This one they put in the woods behind all these trees but you can still plainly see it. This was along a bike trail at the city park in town.

I've been seeing these for about a year now. At first I only saw one or two of these. Now, it seems like every time I go to town I see about a dozen or so of them. There is one by the hospital you might of seen. Maybe even close to an airport? Either way they are popping up everywhere. I can't figure out what they are. I've tried to find information regarding them without any luck.

I'm starting to see them in all different sizes too. Some are a little shorter and fatter. Some are taller and skinnier.

cylindrical pole2.jpg
This one was real tall and even had one of those drums mounted to it along with an antenna. WTF!?

Are they 5G related? This new microwaving technology used by the CIA that is going to fry all our brains giving us all cancer? Do I need to go out and get me a rainbow tinfoil hat now? WHAT!?

We already know about the cell phone towers all being mini HAARP antenna rays. Welcome to the GRID! That's right folks, they can literally push a button and make all our heads explode if they wanted too. Imagine lemmings popping when they self-destruct. OH-NO!

So what are these white cylindrical poles and what are they doing with them? What else kind of sick fun are they having with us!? HUH!?

That is what I'd like to know. Am I overreacting?

Perhaps you too have seen these popping up around where you live? Perhaps you even know what they are? If so then please enlighten me. Thank you!

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There's no conspiracy. Relax and have some cake..



Wow, that's what those white poles look like on the inside? Concealing rainbows I guess.


Thanks Dave! You know my kind of cake too HA HA.

Pffff , where to start ? hmmmm , for years now CIA knows about an upcoming solar event cycle , a micro nova . Reason's CIA and NASA where created in the first place . As Apollo is the Sun god , why did it's mission's went to the moon ? ever wondered ? Well those poles are part of there pathetic try to save themself from doom to come . By altering our atmosphere true spraying and haarp related tech inplemented in the 4 and 5G networks they hope to prevent the next flash freeze ice age . It's all done while hiding behind All Gore's hockey-stick chard's .
For research take a look at dairy farm's near those poles , did the farmer's notice any chance in behaviour among there cattle ?
Testing of 5G in the Netherlands made 3 nearby dairy-farms have there cattle go stampede . 5G is a lot of power in frequencies close to the bio-field frequencies of all living things . 5G can control emotion's among the masses . A side effect the CIA , has the controls on .

Do some more research and i think youl swap that gun for a stick of dynamite . 5G needs 10 times more poles as the frequencies scatter to much for greater distance . So these poles are indeed 5G network generators . If i saw that many , i would move , or destroy them , legal or illegally .

Be warned , tin foil hat's work as antennas and will only make you receive more radiation and unwanted frequencies . The tin foil hat was invented by the CIA . Best would be to pack the brain in a thick layer of meat . Biomass absorbs all bad radiation . as it is unpractical to go around stuck with ones head inside a cow's ass , it still is the best protection . A meat dress like Lady Gaga has could work in combination with a nice thick meat helmet . Just stay away from wildlife and zoo's and youl be fine ;-)

Did my best to answer your question , i hope it help's a bit . mostly it doesn't , but , fuck it , what ever man , be safe .

Peace to all .


DUDE do you have some links you can share? I need more specifics on these poles. Can Orgonite be used to repel them? They seem to work for the HAARP towers.


I hope you got some time to catch up ;-)

Organite ? Wilhelm Reich was not far of i think , same as Tesla his ether theory , as now we know it is plasma they messed around with . 99% of the universe is plasma . And yes it is good to refresh your bio-electric field with some newly generated plasma . But it's also a plasma field filled with fine tuned frequencies , Haarp point's it's energy to the upper atmosphere , only some scattered waves reach the ground levels , enough to damage us just a bit . Like a sponge our plasma field (or aura) absorbs all radiation , for haarp damage a frequent refresh should be enough . For 4 or 5G it would take a whole lot of organite to stay healthy . Why do you think that at ISS they wallpaper the walls with bags of there own shit . Biomass absorbs radiation to , death or alive . To repel radiation youl need big electro magnetic fields like from an particle accelerator , same way as the earth repels radiation from the Sun and cosmos .
To fight those 5G poles without destroying them is not possible , we must find ways to silently silence them . I would go for the crossbow from Gordon Freeman (halflife 1 and 2 games) , shoot a melting hot steel bar in it's delicate part's from a distance . Don't tell , don't brag , up to the next one .
Real hero's are always the unknown ;-)


WOW man good stuff. You're making my head hurt. Thanks for the info!


5G is a weapons system. You are the target.

NBE Talks To Weapons Expert Mark Steele About 5G And It's Disastrous Effects On The Population

It's just another day in human form learning how to die well. But then there's no evidence that everlasting life is avoidable, and natural law is written into the fabric of all creation. They will never win, because death isn't the end of life, it's just the opposite of birth. Perhaps you and I will hunt these archons down in the next realm?

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Hey thanks for sharing!


Here's some full context:

99.99% of humans reject the truth and consequently through ignorance embrace evil. Natural law is inescapable. It is what it is, an aggregate immorality manifesting hell on Earth.

Your gun is good for defense against bad folks with courage enough to face you eye to eye. However the 5G rollout is conducted through pure cowardice, coercion and violence by the state.

Anyone and everyone collecting an entitlement is owned and branded. I am cutting them out of my life like cancer. An absence of "friends" is a cornerstone of survival in this final decade. There is no such thing as friendship, there are only the ties that bind. The population continues to be culled and 99.99% of the next in line reacts with knee-jerk fear and hostility when their ego is challenged. So be it, they are accountable.

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aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

so called "concealed telecom poles"; the tree might follow


I've seen the cell towers disguised as trees. In fact we got one of those in town as well. So why all the different cell towers for? It just seems that I keep seeing more and more of these poles around. These poles must have something to do with the HAARP technology as well. I just don't know what.

Thanks for your input.

Concealed cell towers officially at least

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SO we have two different types of cell towers now?

Nothing to worry about man.
Go back to sleep 😜

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HA HA HA Good one Bob!