Conspiracy Theory: Antarctica

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An important figure in Antarctic exploration is Admiral Richard E. Byrd, naval officer holder of Medal of Honor medal highest in the US military. He was recorded as the first pilot to fly to the Arctic (Arctic) and South Pole (Antarctica). You could say he was the first person to know the secret behind Antarctica.

He explored Antarctica for the first time in 1928-1930 with 2 ships and 3 aircraft. Then he returned to explore in 1934 alone for 5 months in Antarctica. His third exploration was done in 1939-1940 where he was commissioned by the US government.
Operation Highjump

The most phenomenal is the 4th exploration in 1946-1947 after the 2nd world war known as operation highjump. This time it carries a full military force, 13 ships, including aircraft carriers and 29 aircraft including helicopters and this is the largest Antarctic exploration throughout human life.

The question is why is it necessary to carry as many troops? What dangers are feared? Until now the real purpose is not revealed. Documentation operation highjump had circulated, it appears that Admiral Byrd finds an Antarctic region that is not covered with snow and warm water that allows any other life behind the Antarctic ice wall. From the document it is known that Antarctica is rich in mineral resources.

In an interview by Adm Byrd in the daily chile of 1947, he put forward a startling statement. He said that "America needs to do a difensive action against enemy attacks coming from the south pole".

Which enemy? Why from the South Pole? This mystery is still unanswered until now.

Operation Deep Freeze

His 5th expedition was conducted in 1956-1957 known as operation deep freeze to build 3 military bases in Antarctica.

The question is if Antarctica is rich in minerals, why are military bases built instead of exploiting Antarctic riches? Though many companies are exploiting the north pole and the cold of the poles is not an excuse. It does not make sense, does it?

What do Byrd and Elite Global hide?

In the interview, Byrd also said that there is an area of ​​the United States that has never been seen by others, located in other parts of Antarctica. From this it is clear that Byrd does not speak with the ball of the earth map, because if Antarctica passes it should meet another continent south of the equator, South America, South Africa or Australia.

Bryd spoke using a flat earth map. From the statement can be concluded that if we pass through the south pole, then we will meet another world that we have never seen before.

The map was found in a temple in Japan that was created about 1000 years ago. We see that round in the middle is a flat earth map, white circle is the circle of Antarctic ice wall, on the outside there are dozens of continents as big as the American continent, is this what Byrd means? Is that what Bird says as a threat to the earth?

Antarctic Treaty

In 1957, a new Antarctic Treaty began to be negotiated two years later in 1959 where Antarctica was declared a forbidden area.

Beginning of Space Race

In 1957 also launched Sputnik which historically is the first satelite in the world made in Russia, which eventually became the trigger of the race of Space. A year later NASA was founded by the US, and from here begins the story of space travel, including moon landings, satellite business, satellite shipments to Mars and Jupiter and others

As and Soviet Bombing the Sky

In 1958 the United States and Russia compacted a mission to bomb the skies with nuclear for 4 years (1962) with the name of the HANE program or High Altitude Nuclear Explosions. In the past this is very secret (Top Secret). But 50 years later (2012) the archive has been opened to the public, you can see in detail one of them on the site Wikipedia and the result of the bombing is the Heaven Can not Go through.

In conclusion, there are three things that become the point of world change:

Politics: Antarctic Treaty of 1959 whose purpose was to close Antarctica to the public

Military: The Heavenly Nuclear Bomb of 1958, the result of the sky can not be penetrated

Propaganda: Space Program 1957-1958, whereas the sky can not be penetrated.


I am always asking to myself "why should all these evil people poison us with things like geoengineering or destroy the planet if they live here by themselfes?".
What if space is a hollywood-show and the truth is that there is more land on this earth than we think it is? So they tell us we can travel through millions of galaxys and are a grain of dust in it. An interesting thing to think about in my opinion :)