How to win love through submission.

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I know, i used to hate the word submission too,thats because like all negative mindsets are too insecure to cooperate with the living God truth.
I was asked the one who i admire some things.
are you pleased with me?
do you admire me?
I wanted the answers because to me ,I am pleased with me,Iam tapping myself on my back for how i have conducted myself and i am yearning for the one i admire to do the same.
This is what i heard instead.submit. wait what Iam confused.
I got so confused with the feedback especially when to me ,submission meant.-do what i say only😒, Iam the boss 😡,slavery😠.
But I now know I admire him because , He is kind, compassionate and a great lover.
submission is a military term too.
I have learnt that when he says submit ,I need to so ,I can walk behind him ,so he can take up his military gear and protect me😍😊. submittion to him allows him to guide me through war and warfare, submission to him means he goes first to the cross and i receive his blood😇.submission to him means my enemies and any negative mindset got to flee.
so are you going to submit to the one who is more stronger ,more powerful so you can live .

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every one need love,i need,if you give upvote and comment all the friend love you,waiting.


friend what you have planted is what you sow🎇🎇🎇🎇.you gave a comment ,so i am commenting in two .because when u plant you get the same plant and a harvest Thanks friend☑☑☑..come back plant seeds and u get harvest🎇🎇✨