Are you ready for a bullish / Positive steem price?

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Steem and other crypto´s prices have been on downturn lately due to holiday cash out and fuders spreading fake news on social media and other news channels- see my last mail for detailed explanation: Worried about Steem (including Crypto´s) Price? Patience and Optimism will help . My question is, did you use the opportunity to get more steem and other top crypto´s or are you waiting for more cheaper price (which might or might not come ) , did you join the fudders bandwagon and sell off your steem? Here are some few points

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Steem will shine: If you know the true value of steem ecosystem including the value SMT and upcoming hardfork20 (see my older posts for details) will bring to steem ecosystem (see my older posts for details) then you will count yourself blessed to be among steem early investors and thus use all the chance you find to get some steem and power up. The truth, however, is that haters and fuders will always do their thing-Haters will always Hate. Do not expect that central governments (afraid of losing tax money and control) , banks, Google, twitter, Facebook (fear of losing their monopoly) will relax and see all of us succeed in the crypto space without a fight. However our success lies on being strong, working together and counter attacks (peacefully) through our blogs, vlogs etc and thus spread the ingenuity of steem , Elyte (see and other top cryptocurrencies around the world.
Crypto´s are currently in green according to Coinmarket cap however we should not base our fate on ups and downs rather see the bigger picture and thus think / plan in the long run. I wish you all more success.

Do you agree? Send in your comments . Resteem in order to reach more people and upvote to send in your support.

Click here and read my former post:Worried about Steem (including Crypto´s) Price? Patience and Optimism will help

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Good point indeed, I see an opportunity to grow my steem before it is too late. Moreover, we all should stay strong together and fight against days are indeed ahead of us...thanks a lot, upped...100%


Good point, I agree....we have to unite against fuders indeed.Patience is also the key.

To be honest,the rate at which the price went down will really scare alot of people.


Hahahahah you are right...however price was even below 70 cent last year the current price is really high

Was lucky to power up when the prices were low,will still power up going forward cos now's the time to plan for the mad gains that will surely come when steemit finally goes mainstream.


Wow luck you indeed...and more success to you

I hope Steem does shine. It is a shame to see the infighting going on and bad practice by some people. The slow development of the platform is also not good, even joining is a waiting game. Competition is catching up and better platforms are coming so Steemers need to unite for the good of the platform or we could well become a myspace.


I agree with you however all good thing does not come easy and thus patience is needed...I wish you success

You are right my brother, unfortunately, I don't have extra cash to invest big in steem, I learnt about this late before starting a new project this year. Notwithstanding, I set the goal of investing some money every month and looking for any opportunity for steem investment capital

No solo estoy preparada, @charles1, sino que lo deseo fervientemente. Creo que como bien dices, hay muchas personas que han jugado a la baja del steem, tal vez para su propio beneficio. La idea es no ser portavoces de comentarios negativos (una mentira mil veces dicha, se convierte en verdad) y seguir trabajando para que nuestra comunidad puede superar la crisis y volver a nadar en aguas abundantes y brillante. Feliz martes.


English please

Really happy to see +XX% behind Steem and Steem Dollar on the indexes! Not getting the FOMO tho, since Steem is not a speculation-thing in my life, I see it as a wonderful platform for free thinkers and other people (and bots) to share information and getting the deserved rewards for it.


Hahaha you are right...always good to see green after all week red...more success


What is nice about the post?

Yeah i See an opportunity of earning in future. As prices are low nowadays due to some reasons but what we have is patience and we have to wait for the right time to get some valuable coins. Hope for the better, crypto will rise again.


Very good point, thanks for your comment


Yeah you are right, till yeasterday mosy cryptocurreny were quiet and down state. Steem Coin is literally bossting up and hopefully next Monday price will cross over 3$. Excellent work and rare information shared with community by @charles1


Fingers crossed indeed, thanks for your comment and more success to you.

yea I just read that crypto currencies just got a $10billion dollar boost and bitcoin went up 6% so we might be going up.


Amen to that...thanks for your comment

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Cómo te comente en un post anterior, que el sistema bancario, Facebook y Google hagan un berrinche y peleen por conservar sus espacios es una reacción que había que prever, ningún monstruo de estos se va a rendir sin pelear y el proximo pao al ver que no han destruido a las criptomnedas es procurar crear una matriz de opinión y para eso contrataran a personas que escriban e inventen barbaridades acerca de las criptomonedas, y así seguirán hasta que se den cuenta que el tiempo de las cripto ha llegado y que ellos no pueden hacer nada para evitarlo, pero en el camino harán mucho daño y nos tocará a nosotros volver a reconstruir la fachada de nuestra comunidad, recuerda que lo mismo le paso a las Franquicias y al Network Marketing.

How do you comment in a previous post, that the banking system, Facebook and Google make a tantrum and fight to keep their spaces is a reaction that had to be foreseen, no monster of these will give up without fighting and next pao to see that they have not destroyed the cryptoments is to try to create a matrix of opinion and for that they hire people who write and invent atrocities about cryptocurrencies, and they will continue until they realize that the time of the crypto has arrived and that they can not Do nothing to avoid it, but on the way they will do a lot of damage and it will be up to us to rebuild the façade of our community, remember that the same happened to the Franchises and Network Marketing.


Good point, thanks for your comment

Good news about Steem. We have to keep working together and realize what is fud.


Amen to that, thanks for your comment

I've read dozens of such articles today, NO EXAGGERATION. Post telling me and other minnows alike how to believe in the project and double down on our investments.

The sad thing that makes me want to puke everytime I read is these same set of people like the poster here are the same whales who wouldn't even bother to click open posts. Except their friends, or alternate accounts.

We all, every mdfkr here, post for the money. Saying you believe in bla, bla is all big-fat-fucking lies. What project? DO you even know the mission statement of the platform?

How many good quality posts have you read? How many have you upvoted to support? Instead we see all shades of trashy posts on the homepage. Yet telling us to invest. Invest to make you worth more? or what.

With what will I or the minnows invest? Do we sell ourselves so we can invest in steemit to make you worth more? Phukers.


Take your negetivity to another post....I read posts daily and upvote posts are new here and can never force people to upvote your posts, especially with such comment...Yes, I read good quality posts today and upvoted them and those are great posts indeed.

Steim is a very strong currency I expect him to climb over the next month I wish success to all


Steem isnt it? great I agree

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I really believe in Steemit platform, because It solves a ton of problems wich can't do other social medias. For example content creators can get money for the hard job they do. I think the price is connected whit stuff going on in Korea, but i believe that more and more people will join over platform and with creating content will grow this platform even more!


You are correct...I feel the same way too and optimistic that good days will surely come for all of us here. More success to you

Prices are going to go up soon the trend for btc especially looks bleak but its a lot like it was in 2013 in time I firmly believe we'll see record new highs and that will be across the board. I have bought Tron, XEM, BTC you name it but to me Steem is far superior because it serves us in so many different ways and finally we dont have to be overcome by ads and one day dtube and steemit will replace the nonsense with peer to peer legitimacy.


Very good point indeed...steem do have real life value and thus its time to shine will surely come....thanks for your comment

I think this is the best time to buy more steem, if we buy now we can afford more due to low price as our investation for future advantage. This is kind of gambling but i am optimist the price will gradually increase.


Point, I agree with you.

Last week I bought steem worth INR 10000, roughly 150 USD, when steem price was 2.5/$. Later steem price dropped up to 1.45/$. Now, I am thinking that I had loss but it again has reached around 2/$. Hence, one can never guess what can happen. I think after hardfork20 steem price will surely increase. Probably, this is the right time to buy more steem.


I agree with you...I bought steem dollars when it was higher than now however I think long term. I wish you success.

Not only is it a good time to acquire more steem, this bullish behavior also contributes to the mood of the people, who are not so fortunate in the daily compensations, with the price of the dollar steem u $ s 2.35 their comprehensions are worth more than double .
Excellent work dear friend @ charles1, I wish you a great day


Thanks my friend. You are correct, fingers crossed for steem and cryptos

I personally believe we still haven't seen the worst yet as regards crypto, and with bitcoin being the big boy, it will drag down all other coins, steem included. But with a working system and an active community behind it, steem should be among the coins that would strive after we move out of the despair-zone.


Very good point, I agree. Thanks for your comment

there is just one sentence: I believe in Steem :) hashtag no fears :) .. btw , are you from franconia charles?


Good point my dear are indeed a good steemian. No I am not Franconia ..why did you ask my dear one?


hehe thanks (red cheeks^^), ah ok I thought I remembered that you are living in Franconia, cause I want to organize a Steemit Meeting in this area, thanks for replaying!


Oh Franken is Franconia ..hahahaha. Yes I am from the area... and you? we can meet us for a drink

yep totally agree i think that all crypto is looking to go up just my thoughts

I agree... don't worry about the ups and especially the big downs. We have to look at the future and I am sure crypto has a good chance to change our world. Patience!

Yea, i think its time for me to add some more steem to my account. I put in a long time ago. I sure like that is a place to convert to steem power for 10% interest.

Nice, positive article, I am still bullish myself.

The price of steem will certainly improve in the coming months.

That's right and I think the future will show us the crypto will rise again