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Tools for webmasters and optimizers


RANKW.RU - tools for webmasters and optimizers that allow you to analyze the site online, find out all the characteristics of an interesting web resource and learn the history of their changes in a certain period of time.

At the moment, we have analyzed over 5,000,000 websites and our database continues to grow. Enter the address of the site into the special form, and you will receive exhaustive information about it.

Always stay informed about what is happening to your site
Track the main parameters of the site. This will allow you to understand what methods of website promotion are effective, and which ones are not, control over its main parameters is impossible without the corresponding informers.

Social networks are very important for your site, and we will tell you why
Find out where and what materials your visitors distribute, and from what social networks the interested users come.

Analytical tools for your site
We will provide you with many different tools for further optimization and development of your resource.

Do you know which sites you can trust?
We evaluate the level of security of sites by several criteria.


Add an informer to your site - it's free!
Informer for your site is a bright graphical counter with the basic parameters: Google PageRank, site cost, site reputation and others. We recommend that you install these informers on your site if you want to constantly monitor these parameters.

Do not know how to do this? Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the domain name in the URL field of the site
Step 2: Select one of the graphical buttons of the informers located below
Step 3: Copy the code (select the code, then press Ctrl-C or right mouse button and select Copy)
Step 4: Open the web page where you want to add the informer button in your favorite HTML editor
Step 5: Paste this code into the web page where you want to place the informer (either press Ctrl-V or select Insert with the right mouse button)
Step 6: Save your web page
Step 7: Upload the modified page to your hosting
Step 8: Open the site in any web browser to check the correctness of the informer installation
IMPORTANT: Please do not change the widget code, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee the correct operation of our free tools!

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Site analysis
It is a tool for complex analysis of the site to help the webmaster and seo optimizer.
Exchange of sites
Buying and selling sites and domains
Accurate updates of Yandex and Google
A tool that fixes changes in Yandex search, Yandex.Catalog, as well as changes to the thematic citation index (tIC) and Google Page Rank (PR). The ability to subscribe to notifications by email and SMS.
Determining the position of the site in search engines
The service for determining the position of the site on request in the search engines Yandex and Google. Ability to compare results for different periods.
Indexed pages of the site
Obtaining a list of indexed pages of the specified site on the specified search engines to a specified depth of nesting.
Checking the uniqueness of texts
The service for checking the uniqueness of the text in Yandex. Here you can check the text for uniqueness online.
SEO site audit online
Technical audit and readiness of the site for search promotion, conducted on a variety of parameters - from the presence of affiliates to the uniqueness of the site content.
Find the IP address
With this tool, you can view detailed information about your IP address.
HTTP request and response headers for the server
A tool that allows you to analyze the request headers sent by the browser and the response headers sent by the server.
Google PageRank Check
Free check of Google PR (google pr, peydrank, pagerank) site in real time.
Rating check Alexa
Check Alexa's rating for a given site in real time.
Checking backlinks
Collection and analysis of backlinks for a specific site.
Web site cost calculator
The calculation of the cost of the site on the basis of data collected by their open sources and a certain algorithm.
Automatic notification of search engines about changes on the site
A tool that allows you to quickly and effectively notify the main search engines about changes and additions to the content on the site.

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