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Hello STEEMIT, how you guys are doing? I hope you all are having an amazing day.!! If not then i promise you that this post will give you enough energy to make to make your each and everyday amazing. !!

So all the people who are posting blogs on SCORUM, somewhere or somewhat every user needs to earn money, i am not sayinh the only motive of 100% people here is to earn money because some are really passionate aboit blogging.!! So i am sure we all want to earn money as cryptocurrency is a thing which can give you a financial freedom very easily. But for the beginners on STEEM who cannot invest in STEEM coin, what about them? I know they are struggling hard enough even they should be, even i am also one of the beginner who has joined STEEMIT just 1.5 months ago and i am also posting good blogs with all my potential so that i can also make a stable income. But sometimes it's hard. I know a lot of beginners are may be loosing hopes but just NEVER GIVE UP.

images (32).jpeg

Here i want to give you very strong 5 reason that will help you not to give up on things.. Before that lets talk about the things which makes a person to give on what he is doing or trying to achieve! As per my observations some of the common things are-

1- Things don't meet your expectations, you made a plan about how you will work and will get your desired results about something but boom, life does not work always as you think it will. You are ready to give up.

2- Your environment is forcing you to give up, sometimes you are surrounded by some people who just try to pull you down instead of cheering up for you. They are unsuccessful and they want you to be the same, they doubt your abitlity, they u will never make it and when sometimes things go harsh and these people look down to you, You are ready to give up

3- When you start working on something there is always a time appears where you genuinely lack resources to move further, you get no idea that how you will achieve your goal. Instead of inventing your own way for the work. You are ready to give up.!!

So, whenever any of the above situations come in your way you have to tell yourself any of these points and i promise you will not give up just remember these-

1- Everything is possible, a human has already acheived what our dream is and if others can do why can't we? You will Never Give Up

2- what's the worst can happen to me if i fail? But is it sure that i will fail - No, but it is sure i will fail if i don't even try it!! Ask yourself are you giving your 100% , is this your best ? Just ask it. Never Give Up.

3- Your beleif on yourself is enough for you to achieve, you really don't need any one to tell you wether you can do it or you can't! They don't know you better than you know yourself. Never Give Up.





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