How to watch Designated Survivor online?

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Designated Survivor is an ABC series with Kiefer Sutherland playing the role as the American President. From the third season on it will be produced as a Netflix original series.

If you didn’t get enough of Kiefer Sutherland in his role as Jack Bauer in 24, make sure to watch him in his role as the American President in Designated Survivor. But, how and where should you stream and watch Designated Survivor online?

The best places to watch Designated Survivor online

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Watch Designated Survivor on Hulu

If you have a Hulu subscription then that is a brilliant place to stream Designated Survivor online. You get access to all episodes quickly after they have been aired, and if you have a commercial-free plan you do not even have to watch commercials. If you want to know more about how you can access Hulu from abroad, read this article.

Watch Designated Survivor on Netflix

This is probably the best and most convenient way to watch Designated Survivor online. Since Netflix is commercial free you do not need to worry about ads. It also seems as if Designated Survivor is available in almost all Netflix regions. As a result you will get access to the newest episodes just like you do on Hulu (the day after it has been aired at ABC in the USA). You do not have to wait for a long time, you do not need to change your Netflix region and you can watch commercial free. Doesn’t that sound great?

The third season of Designated Survivor will be made available also on US and Canadian Netflix, making Netflix, by far, the best way to stream Designated Survivor online.

Watch Designated Survivor on

You can also watch this Kiefer Sutherland series on, but that is not really worth it. You will need to pay per episode or per season, so you will probably do better by watching the TV series on Hulu or Netflix, or for free on the ABC website. But, the choice is of course yours! If you live outside the USA and want to watch Amazon Instant Videos on, visit

Are you ready to watch Designated Survivor?

Now you should have a clue about where and how you can watch Designated Survivor online. It seems great based on the pilot episode, so I will follow the upcoming episodes once they are released.