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If you have been looking around for different ways in which you can know how to get netflix account for free then you have come to the right place. Here we provide from more than 150 free Netflix accounts with premium subscription and they are 100% working and in active condition. You only need to login through one of the accounts and then you can access the Netflix premium subscription with all of the content and features that comes along with it.


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When you login to the Netflix premium account you get access to all the premium features, along with the content. However if you face any issues while logging into the Netflix premium account then you must try downloading the app through the Netflix apk. We provide many ways in which you can get a free Netflix account as there are different users with varying requirements. Some of the users prefer watching Netflix on their mobile devices whereas others choose to do it from their PC. Let us see what are the different Netflix premium account features and how you can get a free Netflix free account.


Free Netflix account features

There are different features being introduced to the premium account. Here we will have a discussion on some of the updated features. Here it is worth noting that the account features of the Netflix premium account will also be available to those people with whom you share the account. Let us have a look at some of these features.

No subscription requirement

We provide various Netflix premium accounts free of cost. You don't need a subscription for watching the different shows and movies on Netflix as we ensure that the users get it for free. You can enjoy and experience your own personal accounts when you use and access the account that we provide for you.


If you want to share the screen of the shows and the movies that you are watching with other devices then you can do so conveniently. Here we are sharing a Netflix account which is free and you can connect any of the 4 devices that you want using this same account. To gain access to this account you can either login from the official website on the PC, or through the Netflix app or even some of the other devices.


There are various rural regions that don't have good internet speeds and connectivity. This is one of the reasons why people living in these areas can't stream content on Netflix without buffering. But the download feature provided by Netflix ensures that these people can enjoy the best of the content without worrying about the buffering issue.

Ultra HD/4K

The shows and movies on Netflix are best enjoyed in the ultra high definition resolution. With the free premium Netflix account you can get access to the 4k and HD content. You can enjoy the content of Netflix on your smart TV or other devices that support HD or 4k.

Unlimited access

When you get access to the premium Netflix account there are no restrictions on the content that you have access to. The free Netflix account gives unlimited premium features without even requiring a subscription. The same Netflix account can be accessed from four different devices.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the free Netflix account then you can refer to the common Q&A that we have provided exclusively for you. It will help you understand the different aspects related to the free premium Netflix account.

What exactly is Netflix premium account?

The Netflix is over-the-top content production and platform service provider that is available to the users globally. If you want to enjoy the movies or Netflix shows then you will need a subscription account or a premium subscription to enjoy the premium features.

How can you get free Netflix account?

Here we are sharing and providing more than 20 free Netflix premium accounts. You need to login quickly for accessing the account through either PC or the mobile app. It is completely free and you get some of the best top quality content on Netflix. If the account is already accessed then it is likely that the user might change the password so you can try the other accounts.

How to make a free Netflix account?

You can access the content and services of Netflix through paid subscription however the company allows a free 30-day trial period. To enjoy this benefit of free trial period you need to sign up with Netflix either through their desktop website or on the app. You will need to provide your payment details and then you will get access to the 30 day free trial period. If you need a step by step guide for getting access to the trial period then you can comment so that we will provide you with the updated content on that process.

How to get Netflix account with username and password?

We are sharing Netflix accounts that are 100% working with genuine username and passwords. You can go to the account section and login through the provided account details. You need to be quick and try out the different accounts as there are many users trying for a free who might have already accessed that account and changed its password. We provide daily updated Netflix accounts at 10 pm.

What are the features of free Netflix account?

With the free Netflix account that you get with us, you also get all the features that come with this account. These features include ultra HD 4k resolution screen. access from multiple screens, high quality voice-over audio plus other premium features.

Can you share the Netflix account?

If you have a premium subscription to the Netflix account then you can share that account with any of the four devices, which can either be a PC, mobile device or a smart TV. You can also share a movie with multiple devices concurrently. Basically you can enjoy the same content with your family and friends anytime from anywhere by logging into your Netflix account.

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