Finished watching 'White Collar' on Netflix, here's my review

in #netflix4 years ago

Hello Steemians!

Yesterday before I went to bed I watched the final episode of White Collar on Netflix. Here's a small review for the people who might want to go watch it.

I loved the series, I really got into it and sort of 'bonded' with the characters. I felt their emotions and this is something the actors did very well. I liked the story but the ending was something I didn't expect at all!

(If you want to know what happened go watch White Collar yourself ;D ).

Neal, the protagonist, was someone who I admired. He's smart, he does what he has to do and he always gets away with it.

In general, I would give the series a:


You should really watch it, the series is underrated. Thanks for reading ;) !


Much love, @Nxah

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