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Few monts later my old TV died (R.I.P. in peace) so I had to buy another one. It is really hard to buy „dumb“ TV anymore, so I bought smart TV with 4k. To be honest I love my TV. However there is not many ways to watch something in 4k, so I decided to try Netflix, because they will let you try it for free on one month and boii it is the whole new world, because all I have to do now is to click button on my remote control and I am ready to watch almost everything (I used to be a pirate). So because I watched many and many shows on Netflix I decided to make a list of my most favorited shows.

Disclaimer: I won't talk about Rick and Morty, House of Card etc. Not because they are not awesome, but because everybody knows them and they are too much awesome! I want to talk about not so known shows.

Big Mouth

This show is not for everyone, but that is most of the shows I watch. It is cartoon for adult, because of its sexual content. Main charaters are namely adolescents in the most sensitive age, when their bodies are starting to evolve. I have to admit, that they bring up many embarrassing moments that many of us actually experienced and I laught at it a lot. The best thing is, that they are showing boys and girls, so you can watch problems of other gender.

Dark Net

This is „document“ and it has nothing to do with Dark Net (almost), so the name is little bit stupid, but the show is actually good. Many things that they are talking about are well known. However, I would say half of the topic are very sensitive to society and I loved that they talked about em. It will make you think about certain things, for example pedophilia or love to virtual girls etc. Every episode is 20-25 minutes long, so you can watch it while having a launch or diner.


At the beggining, I said that I don’t want talk about well known shows, but to be honest, I have to write about Narcos, because many people I know don’t like the show. I have no idea why. The first two seasons are the best ever. The plot is about two cobs trying to capture narco-baron Pablo Escobar. Acting is great, story is great and the fact, that they will show you real shots from that time is awesome. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it now. Oh and I almost forgot! You will learn spanish by watching this show FOR FREE!!


Big Mouth is so crazy and controversial, but I think everybody will see his pubertal self in this series :D

Exactly! :D

have you already seen the new westworld season? I think they do not exist on netflix....but I can only recommend :)

Westworld is an HBO show. However I love it! I watch it every monday :)