Neoxian City Photo Challenge Week 9 - Smooth Sailing!

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Sailboat B&W.jpg

Photo was taken with my Canon EOS 550D. Locations is at Sutera Harbour Resort, Sabah, Malaysia.


The is my entry for Neoxian City Photo Challenge #9 by @neoxian-city, the theme for Week #9: BOATS.

I dug out some old photos from our vacation at the magnificent Sutera Harbour Resort, Sabah. A 5-stars resort, with fabulous views of the South China Sea.

Since it's a harbour with marine, beautiful yachts can be seen docking here, hence we get to see this view that I managed to capture. I decided to turn it to a Black and White version because of the yachts on that day were not very colourful anyway, might as well make it into a moody black and white photo.


The view, the reflections of the sun and boats are just amazing!

I hope you like the photo taken. Thank you for taking the time to view my post and hope to see you again in my next one.

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Those yachts at Sutera Harbour are beautiful..
If only could have a chance to board it

Hahaha... Yeah, if only...

Lovely photos, and taken with a great camera of which I have one because they are so good.

You have one too!!??? That's cool!

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Thank you so much!

Black and white beautiful photography

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Sutera Harbour is especially beautiful with the mood-altering black and white photo! I am a lover of water and harbors, so it was a given that this would appeal to me!

Nice job on capturing the moment and the reflection at the very end is awesome!


Thank you very much @dswigle for your encouraging words!

Wow me with aesthetics. I love the diggling reflection of the sun on the water.

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Thanks my friend!! Glad you like it!

Wow! Great shots! I love them!!
I mostly love the sun reflex in the water of the second pics!

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Thank you very much!

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Beautiful photographs of boats . it looks nice in black and white mode. thanks for share with us..

Swete shots with lovely light good luck in the contest

Thank you very much!! Hehe

Lovely mood photography @joelai sitting across a bay in docks watching the world go by is a brilliant place to relax.

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