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We had heard about Koh Mook from some friends we were looking for a vacation where their wasn't going to be mass beach parties or thousands of backpackers we were looking for that stunning white sand beach with clear blue seas and we were told this would be the one. Koh Mook is in the Southern Thai province of Trang towards Phuket and it suppose to be everything a Thai island should be as my friend said so after doing a bit of research we had made up our minds this was going to be our stress free getaway.






From Bangkok airport you can fly to Trang airport less the a hour's flight early flight is advisable like leave Bangkok airport no later then a 8am or 9am flight gives you plenty of day light to get to Koh Mook island. Once your at the airport you can have breakfast while you wait for your mini van to pick you up to take you to the boat pier.

1952 Cafe will do fine !!




From Trang airport we travel about an hour and a bit to the boat pier when you will be taken across to Koh Mook island that about just over a one hour boat trip. As we were approaching the island some beautiful sceneries on the way and already we were in tropical mood we could feel that holiday breeze.






The day was a little cloudy but still warm we had made good time we were on the island by early afternoon from the boat pier it was a short ride in a golf cart to our rooms checked in and straight onto the beach to Chill Bar what a perfect name.






My friends were definitely right about the white sands and blue seas this place was not over crowded at all it was just the vacation i was wanting chill out and breath in that sea breeze.





Koh Mook is actually situated around a couple of more beautiful islands and we were intending to discover these islands also we were told they are even more beautiful then Koh Mook so the next day we took a tail boat across to Koh Kradan.



Approching Koh Kradan.




I have been to many islands in Thailand and they are beautiful in there own way but with Koh Mook and Koh Kradanthey have managed to strike the right balance between making it an attractive spot for tourists and keeping the island relatively unspoiled.




Even though they have resorts but not in a great amount you can still rent you own bungalow by the beach which makes you feel that you are on a real tropical island not bumping into people.






If you love relaxing, strolling along pristine, quiet beaches and taking in the sunset with an ice cold beer then you will love Koh Kradan or Koh Mook it either brings out that relaxing chilled out mood in you or it can bring out all that craziness of been free and alive.

This is the chill out time !!






And this is our craziness time this is what a good vacation does to 🙂 🌞 🤭 ☀️ 😎






As I said earlier the beaches on Koh Kradan are amazing. The sand, the water clarity and the choice of beachside accommodation makes it a perfect spot for all you beach bums out there.






Apart from just relaxing and doing nothing but eat , sleep and enjoy the sunshine you can also do some tailboat tours around the islands the Emerald cave is one of the main tourist attractions it's a white sand beach within the centre of a cave but we didn't get their we were to busy fooling around and relaxing on the white powered sands. The sunsets were just spectacular and so romantic.





It was a great choice for the most relaxing vacation even it was a sad day when we had to leave to go back to that hustle and bustle of the city life by Koh Mook my heart is with you now and i we will be back.


Bye Bye Koh Mook 😎 ☀️ 🌞 🤭



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Thank you @neoxianphotochallenge much appreciated see you in week #9....Cheers 👍

Another piece of paradise. Ahhh, such crystal clean water and pristine beaches.

My kids made a detailed plan for my visit and finally we will be in Paragon mall on 20.11. Would it be Ok for you to meet then? I will give you a call the day before.

Thank you my friend some many beautiful hidden gems around Thailand.

That will be perfect it's actually my day of work. See you soon.

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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

Hey @hangin, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks guys much appreciated 👍

Beautiful photography

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Thank you @esteem 👍

Holy smokes sir hangin, that place is paradise! Amazing!

That's the real Thailand unspoiled beaches just splendid 👍

But in time those places will be run over with dang tourists won't they? You should get together with some of your rich friends and buy an island like that!

The government has imposed strict regulations to keep them unspoiled which is a great thing. To boring to be living on these islands well for me anyway they are good for a break away from the city 👍

Oh, all that peace and quiet would be too boring for the party animal! lol. I would love those places but I'm kind of a hermit anyway.

Definitely would be the place for you Mr Hermit for me it's a retreat camp to dry out for a few days...haha 🤣 🤣

I need one of those places so I could live there but rent it out for wild people like you who need to come a chill for a few days sir hangin!

That would be perfect for you , you can ever take your cows with you :))))

just relaxing and doing nothing but eat , sleep and enjoy the sunshine

Seems about as perfect a place as any. I've been to Thailand a few times, but never here. It's on my radar now though - Cheers.

It definitely is a must see not many people know it because it's not a party raging island that's what makes it perfect 👍

not a party raging island

Perfect! :)

Truly a piece of heaven 🙂

i'm so jealous.
its such a beautiful place.'s a place you certainly don't want to leave :))

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 15/20 - need recharge?)

Altough I am late to upvote and my vote is low anyway, lol. I have to comment because your shots of this paradise are absolutely breathtaking! I can see you guys and a really wonderful time and who wouldn't, lol. I very happy for you Angelo, you made your dreams come true 🌴🌞🌴

Thank you so much for your kind words Lena this islands always make me feel that life is so beautiful and to enjoy every moment ❤️

My pleasure Angelo! I feel that too, just from looking at you photos 😊