Neoxian City Photo Challenge - Vacation

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Location : Lhoknga
Camera : Canon EOS 1300D

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking -Earl Wilson

Hello everyone, this is my entry for a photography contest by @neoxian-city, the theme is Vacation.

I live in a small town surrounded by sea and wonderful places, you can see tourist all around here, so when I need a break from my reality usually I just take my bike/car and drive away, to beautiful places all around my hometown. This time I decide to show you the beautiful of Lhoknga, approximately 30 minutes driving from my home. <br


Location : Lhoknga
Camera : Canon 1300D

Even the road looks so breathtaking, you can find beautiful spot all around Lhoknga, everywhere you go is a tourism spot

Location : Lhoknga
Camera : Vivo Y65

I see this river at the road side and decided to stop awhile, enjoy the beauty and breath the fresh air

Location : Lhoknga
Camera : Vivo Y65

So breathtaking, isn't it?

Location : Lhoknga, Rinting Beach
Camera : Vivo Y65

Next I stopped at rinting beach and spend some hours at this place, I really like sitting on that swing, enjoy the breeze while listen to the sound of nature

Location : Lhoknga
Camera : Vivo Y65

What's better than watching the sun sets at a beach?

Well, that's all for today, see you 😄

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Congratulations @hananan Here is your third-place prize. Thanks for your participation.


!neoxag 450

Lovely vacation photos! Sure wish I was there!

Thank you 😁


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