The most important cathedral in the Czech Republic.

in neoxianfan •  4 months ago

The most important cathedral in the Czech Republic. And equally the most stunning the most breathtaking and the most beautiful! A must see place for all Gothic lovers. You will just stand there in a complete awe. I go there often and I always look up and admire the absolute masterpiece. If you go to Prague you must visit the Prague Castle and you'll see the St Vitus Cathedral, too, it's a part of the castle complex. Buy and send your postcards at the post office 📯 right opposite to the Cathedral, they are much cheaper there than in any shops!F_IMG_1533922781125.jpg

The cathedral itself is fantastically beautiful in all of its grandeur. Even though there was no service going on at the time of our visit, it was swarming with tourist from all over. During our visit we opted to go to the top of the tower for some of the best views of the city, but were not warned about how there were no provisions made for those with disabilities to reach the top. Please, keep in mind that the tower consists of a narrow, stone, spiral staircase that has no place to rest and very little room to allow others to pass you on their way down from the top. Even those in great physical condition huff and puff as the scale these intense stairs. If you have cardiac, pulmonary, or mobility issues you might want to sit this one out.

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