Boulder Sunday

in neoxian •  2 months ago 

Yes, it is #bouldersunday, as brought to us by @shasta. My boulders for the day are brought to you by The Shack Restaurant and Mini-Golf. Yes. Boulder's with mini-golf.

(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me.

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That is a new one! I have not heard of Boulder Sunday, as far as I know. I have to admit, it made me laugh a little bit. It's kind of random! But if it gets people thinking and finding great stuff to photograph and write about, then I'm sure it's a great idea. Your boulder picture is very nice, @wwwiebe!

Thanks @jayna! I almost feel like I was cheating with this picture since it was at a mini-golf course and seemed so easy to take. But they are real boulders, not synthetic, and it was Sunday!

(And I won mini-golf too!)