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When I was 10 years old, my oldest brother bought me a powerful blue painted alnico magnet. I carted that magnet everywhere. I tied a string to it and trolled the near by lake for hours and hours throughout late summer afternoons.

Sadly, I lost it. I went magnetless for several years until my son started showing interest in maps, compasses, robots, and some of the electronic circuits I built from time to time. I couldn't find a blue one... I found a red one instead.

My son enjoyed the magnet immensely, but he didn't seem as entirely hooked on it as I was at the same age. Of course, children are free to find their own ways through life, but it's fun to see if they choose to follow you.

My son is now entering college as a Computer Science major... although, he does has a bunch of friends heading off to the same school as Computer Engineer majors. He tells me he might switch to Engineering later... but I think he's humoring me. I'm sure he'll do fine which ever field he decides to study.

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