Late Happy New Eve

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Hello everyone,

I am sorry I disappeared from Steem, I had an intensive end of year but I am back now. My recovery is very difficult and I had a lot of pain... Stuck in my bed all the days long but I always keep going.

So I did not wanted to go out or to celebrate the new Eve. But luck for me I have real friends who did not let me alone for the Sylvester.

We began in Biel with some great cocktails.

WhatsApp Image 20200109 at 20.56.28.jpeg

After that we went to a salsa party in Bern and we finished at Neuchatel really late in the morning. In the end it really felt good to get out.
WhatsApp Image 20200108 at 16.57.50.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20200103 at 02.18.42 3.jpeg

Me with my super crutches
WhatsApp Image 20200108 at 16.57.10.jpeg

I hope that you will like it, enjoyed your end of year and have good resolutions for this special year.


I'm glad you're back again and hopefully you will be getting better soon so keep steeming on @misschance!
Friends are for that and the other else : hard and good times ;)
Hugs over there

Thank you @drakernoise, yes sometimes you forget that real friends are around you to support you at all times it is important and gold. Hugs ;)

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