Easter soon - Do you want some Swiss Chocolate?

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Hello my friends,

I was busy weeks ago but I'm always thinking about you all. I hope you had a good week and are good, how are you ?

I will share what happen to me a little but for now I had to share a picture from the chocolate land I am from :)

I entered the shop and saw all this chocolate... Wow! Look at that!
WhatsApp Image 20200223 at 07.00.49 1.jpeg

It seem they incite you to buy... Imagine you came with your children... Hum! Another fight or situation to face it.

First you can buy some of the FREY house chocolates. Then behind it is the Camille Bloch factory which follows. Frey dominates the Migros supermarket bcause it's the trademark of the chocolate of Migros.

Here is the Bunny Chocolate Chief :)
WhatsApp Image 20200224 at 01.07.56.jpeg

With her babies :)
WhatsApp Image 20200224 at 01.07.55.jpeg

I'm proud of myself, I approached to take the pictures, the temptation was strong but I resisted.

Have a nice day with Love.


Hello @misschance. Wow, I could literally grab that big bunny, take it home, and just make myself sick from eating all day. I'd start at the bottom first. How beautiful all this chocolate is.

Did the store offer a diet version or low-calorie? I'm on a diet you know :)

Thanks for sharing.

Ahaha, I could even not myself eat Chief Bunny alone @justclickindiva.
Mm, yes they offer low calories chocolates but it not as big, I will see if I can see it :)

With low calories :)
WhatsApp Image 20200304 at 21.00.02.jpeg

Chocolate...I love it!

Which one do you prefer? mixed, white or black?
I am in looove with the white chocolate :)

I prefer all kinds of chocolate. However, dark chocolate, made with Venezuelan cocoa, is delicious

Hmm, how strange, I want to eat a chocolate... haha, a place I would like to go to.

Thank you for sharing this post UwU

Aha, what do you have to do is : Come and let's eat them all :)

So much chocolate ! I would be lost in there!

Maybe yes but before loosing yourself you would eat all kind which will be in your way ;)

ahah. I think I would be lost without knowing what to start eating ! <3

Yeah, Migros has their own Chocolate Factory... It's a huge "drug machine" !smirk!

Oh cool that you know it.
Yes, they are smart and well organized

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Yes. I love Swiss Chocolate.

Mmm the best things in life... Chocolates 😂😂😂 thanks for sharing!

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