1% of NeoXAg Acquired (Well Almost)

in neoxian •  4 months ago 

I'm on the brink of reaching my goal of having 1% of NeoXAg. My miners have been doing major work for me and I've slowly been creeping closer to my goal of staking 1% of all NeoXAg. Right now I have 26318 staked and 26330 would be 1% to the best of my knowledge. That number is always increasing so I will still be continuing to stake more of my NeoXAg but I might start selling a little bit off so that I can make stupid purchases of various other tokens.

I'm loving my miners and the Neoxian City right now so pretty happy with achieving this goal. I hope to keep on growing alongside the community while also keeping an eye open for other good projects and tokens in the Steem space. I've also been toying with the idea possibly creating my own token that would be more of a game than anything else. Still totally just a fledgling idea in my head that I'm working on but if I think I can work out the numbers on everything I will attempt to give it a shot.

Happy HODLing everyone!

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