Daily Delegation - Day 7 (2,000 NeoXAg Delegation everyday)

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Contest is slowing down, only had one entry yesterday so @ironshield will be winning on back to back days. No restrictions on the number of times you can win so @ironshield might be revving up for a long win streak.

I liked the idea for yesterdays contest even if I only had one entry, so I'm gonna do it again.

Best idea for burning tokens wins!

Some examples of token burning are bid bots using tribe tokens or @zaku's low card game. Bring it Steemit.

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I'd be happy to keep my winning streak going! :-) Another idea for burning neoxianag...

Create a ranking system, based on who burns the most neoxianag. It would be lower numbers at first, but as competition sets in, more and more neoxianag will be burned to stay in the top ranks. Create tiers that result in automatic daily upvotes (or other rewards) depending on how much users burn. Tiers are determined by top "AGburners" and offer better and better rewards, depending on rank.

Betting? You bet on events. Transfer of tokens to place bet.
Winners bet paid according to odds all losing bets get burned?

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Oh I forget to join yesterday but today I have a friend who run a contest and she really deserves to have it.
She is @zephalexia, her initiative is helping a newbie. Please I am recommending her for this contest. Please try to check it @bwar

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