Daily Delegation - Day 37 (1,000 NeoXAg Delegation everyday)

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Apologies for my lateness, I may have forgot about doing my post at lunch time today and followed that up by spending the start of my evening creating two S-E tokens. Yup you heard that right, bwar made some tokens. I call the tokens CATS and KITTENS and combined they becoming @CatsMakeKittens they are kind of a mining game I'd say where each day every CATS makes a KITTENS then if you want you can trade in KITTENS for more CATS. I posted a bit more detail over here. I plan on having fun with these tokens and I'm hopeful that some token/mining lovers will jump in along with me.

So where were we? I keep getting distracted by these damn CATS today. Gotta focus. Step 1: @ironshield sees another round of delegation expire, a big fat 2000 NeoxAg as well. Step 2: @ironshield wins 1,000 NeoxAg for the thought de jour. Step3: tomorrow winner will be someone who discusses cats or CATS. Step 4: 1,000 NeoxAg 30 day delegation on the line!


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I categorically apurroove of this new token, I hear it's the cat's meow.

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