Daily Delegation - Day 13 (1,000x2 NeoXAg Delegation everyday)

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Had a very nice turn out for the contest yesterday. I think some of the tagging worked and I had a bunch of people come over because of @upvotebuilders good day for the contest!

First off I'd like to thank everyone for entering. I'm not nice enough to give everyone a prize so I hope everyone who misses out today keeps coming back. I'm aiming to have 60,000 NeoXAg deleagted fairly soon so lots to go around.

Today's first winner is @upfundme seems a bit strange to have a tribe enter but I really appreciate what they are doing and I'm hopeful that my measly little 1,000 NeoXAg can help to give out a few extra rewards to deserving causes. Upfundme is a crowdfunding tribe where people can post projects they are trying to raise funding for and then people can donate or upvote to contribute. Cool idea and I hope it is a success.

Second winner today is going to be @silvertop who got the secret bonus points for tagging me on discord. @silvertop nominated @elizabethbit for the delegation but I'm ignoring that and delegating straight to @silvertop , use those upvotes wisely!

I'd like to thank all my other commentors from yesterday @emergehealthier @panksero @contrabourdon @phoenixwren @ketcom @qam2112 @olivia08 @doggodfroglog I appreciate you checking out my post and I do like to reward people who come back!

Anyways back to the contest, it's real simple, I'm delegating 1,000 NeoXAg for 30 days everyday until people are no longer interested in the contest. All you have to do is convince me why you deserve the delegation. Just leave a comment and tell me why I should pick you. Bonus points if you tag me on the Neoxian City Discord.

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Thank you so much @bwar, I will use this delegation wisely.
Perhaps I can help the new Steem user that I just on-boarded yesterday when I get back from my mini weekend vacation!!’🤗

I believe the Steem blockchain will be growing in many new and exciting directions like NeoXAg!👍

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I hope so!

Can't win them all, gotta spread the word about this generous offer. I would suggest a delegation to @tipu, one of the best promotional services on the Blockchain. Staking in a variety of tokens, an extra 1k in neoxianag would be put to excellent use.

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Right on, I'm glad @upfundme got one! I'd like to enter again, please! I deserve it because ...uh ...because half the time any crypto I've cashed out goes to cat supplies, and kitties should be treated like the deities they are. :D
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Worship me.

I love cats, my weakness has been discovered!

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I'm putting my name in the hat for no other reason than I just winning lol who doesn't eh. Keep up the good work

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You are gonna catch up to @ironshield pretty soon

Thanks a lot @bwar, I am indeed grateful the members of @upvotebuilders responded and one has already won a delegation and I hope @phoenixwren wins too. Cheers.

@phoenixwren cheated with cats so good chance they win today.

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You cannot resist the belleh ...! ;)

Yes, @bwar I won't forget your post. Lets help each other. Please I am recommending @zephalexia, she runs a upgaged challenge and she is a very generous mother.

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I see she hasn't been posting much recently, would like to delegate to people who are active. Is she around but just not posting?

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Throwing my hat in the ring :) Thanks

I love seeing new faces!