Thanks to Neoxian for his Loan services, and with Vessel I am able to direct Powerdowns automatically to his account to pay him back!

in neoxian •  4 months ago 

Here is a screenshot of inside the @vessel wallet which I got working using RPC node but we might need a new one now :D

here is the contract with @neoxian for the loan I was given which I am paying back with powerdowns, giving owner key as collateral (I have a relationship going back a couple years now with @neoxian and he has done so many successful loans posted on teh chain that i don't have any worries.

Heres another screenshot of the Vessel wallet after setting neoxian as account for powerdowns to withdraw to.

Pretty cool that I can just set someone to have my powerdown automatically go to, i think we need a special banking front end for steem with interest rates, an escrow for the owner key transfer for collateral and adjustable interest rates, all automated with templates.

here is the github with the latest releases for @vessel by @jesta here

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This is good. You can take loans and pay with powerdowns.