in neon •  5 months ago


I’ve said it before, night time photography is a challenge. And I encouraged those of you that are photographers to force yourself to go shoot at night and explore the new challenges.

I started to do this myself. The other day me and @paolajane hit a local diner that has a very classic feel to it. It was caked in neon signage and I saw the perfect opportunity to test my night time neon photography skills!

Quick tip for you guys, always shoot in RAW! This allows you to pull out more detail from the shadows in post edit!

Also stay tuned for a new blog post describing my experience at this diner!

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We love night photography! The catch though... we have learned to shoot portraits pretty much, but damn, epic night sky and landscapes are still a challenge for us. Sometimes it's too bright, sometimes too dark, sometimes too blue. Gosh, night photography can be only mastered through trial and error. Anyhow, love your IG, followed it! :)