NEO ecosystem is set for hyper growth in 2018

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Why the NEO ecosystem is set for hyper growth in 2018


The NEO ecosystem is set for a huge year in 2018 with many companies joining the NEO ecosystem and finally launching their mainnet

  • NEO Developer Conference on January 29th 2018
  • Ontology Network Blockchain mainnet launch in 2018
  • The Key Blockchain mainnet launch in 2018
  • Qlink Blockchain mainnet launch in 2018
  • DeepBrain Blockchain mainnet launch in 2018
  • Zeepin Chain Blockchain mainnet launch in 2018
  • Trinity infrastructure protocol launch in 2018

Why is the NEO ecosystem important?

Da Hongfei (Co-founder of NEO) has prioritised growth of the NEO developer ecosystem over the past few months as the NEO blockchain has proved to be a vastly improved Blockchain for building decentralised applications over other competing Blockchains. The NEO blockchain provides a best-in-class infrastructure layer for ambitious blockchain projects and decentralised applications with higher transactions per second, a better consensus mechanism and a regulation friendly blockchain network. As projects on the NEO Blockchain flourish, NEO will gain from the network effects of high usage of its infrastructure, bringing Blockchain adoption to the masses a closer reality.

NEO already has approaching 30 DApps building on its blockchain.

Strong investment from the NEO Council

The NEO Investment Council has been supporting highly promising NEO based blockchain projects. This is a great sign that NEO Council highly values its ecosystem growth and is willing to provide capital for its teams to build out their products.

  • NEO Investment Council supporting Qlink - a decentralised mobile network
  • NEO Investment Council supporting supporting Deepbrain - a blockchain for AI computing
  • NEO Investment Council supporting Zeepin - a blockchain for intellectual property
  • NEO Investment Council supporting NEX - a decentralised exchange
  • NEO Investment Council supporting TheKey - a blockchain for identity

Growth in NEO Developer Events

NEO has organised a string of developer events to boost the developer ecosystem. NEO have also put emphasis on their international presence with events in Shanghai, New York, San Francisco and London.

  • NEO Developer Meetup in London 10th January 2018
  • NEO Developer Competition in San Francisco 29th January 2018
  • NEO Developer Conference in San Francisco 30th-31st January 2018

Government friendly Blockchain infrastructure

NEO has put an emphasis on building its blockchain with a goal to powering the smart economy with digital assets. It has put particular emphasis on being regulation friendly so that it can achieve a high growth rate of government adoption as well as consumer adoption. It is likely that the Chinese government would like to become a world leader in blockchain technology in 2018. NEO has worked closely with Chinese regulators to ensure that its blockchain is government friendly and can therefore reach adoption of the masses as soon as possible. NEO therefore has a huge lead on other blockchains in its proactiveness in making sure it can grow with the full cooperation of the Chinese government.

I think it is likely the Chinese government will begin to take a more pro-blockchain public stance in 2018 . This will add huge proof to the NEO blockchain as China seeks to become a world leader in blockchain technology

Strong potential of Ontology Network

The Ontology Network has set out to transform the way blockchains manage identity both for people and digital assets on the blockchain. The team has put forward a revolutionary, cross-blockchain approach for dealing with identity and trust. This will highly benefit the NEO ecosystem, with infrastructure to digitise assets in a more structured way. Ontology Network was founded by Li Jun, co-founder of Onchain.


The NEO ecosystem is set for hyper growth in 2018:

  • NEO Blockchain already has ~30 DApps building on its infrastructure
  • NEO Blockchain is becoming more attractive to early stage blockchain projects with faster transactions per second and a better consensus mechanism
  • NEO Council is supporting promising NEO blockchain projects
  • NEO has planned a string of developer events for 2018
  • NEO will have Ontology Network positioned well to add value to NEO ecosystem
  • NEO is building regulation friendly blockchain infrastructure
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Obviously as you wrote this a few weeks ago things have changed a bit, having said that I agree I think that in time, when the authorities in China are ready, they will endorse Neo. I am also excited to hear what is said in San Fransico over the next week. I am sure that we will learn of some new projects that are going to be build on the platform as well as getting an update of the roadmap .....not to mention the demonstration of the Trinity prototype. Thanks for the link, Cheers J

Neo is my top pick for most likelt to succeed.