Interview with Jeff McDonald and Stephen Chia from NEM Foundation

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@0:57 About Jeff McDonald (NEM Foundation Founding Board Member) and his occupation.

@1:16 Impressions of Jeff McDonald from his first visit to Ukraine.

@1:46 Jeff McDonald tells about his speech at BlockchainUA conference.

@2:20 What is favorite Jeff McDonald’s Ukrainian projects?

@3:00 What does it mean – the New Economy Movement?

@3:22 The connection between Blockchain and Religion.

@4:24 What kind of projects are Jeff McDonald interested in?

@5:14 The future of cryptocurrency market.

@6:06 The role of Blockchain technology in human life.

@6:49 How the token economy can be more popular all over the world.

@7:06 Jeff McDonald’s advice for people who start learning cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

@7:52 About Stephen Chia, the Council Member of NEM Foundation.

@8:03 Impressions of Stephen Chia about Ukraine and Ukrainian crypto community.

@8:20 The subject of Stephen Chia’s speech at BlockchainUA conference.

@8:35 The prospect way of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

@8:58 What does Stephen Chia think about hype in crypto industry.

@9:15 What does it mean – the New Economy Movement?

@9:32 What is favorite Stephen Chia’s projects?

@9:43 What awaits cryptocurrencies in the near future?

@10:11 Regions where NEM is popular.

@10:34 Stephen Chia’s advice for people who start learning cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

@11:16 Leonid Foyu-Khatskevich tells about the NEM creative stand at BlockchainUA exhibition (in Ukrainian).

@15:56 When it will be possible to use the NEM developments for different business processes (in Ukrainian).

@18:14 What Oleksandr Stelmah from the Central Election Commission of Ukraine is doing at BlockchainUA conference (in Ukrainian).

@18:39 How to use Blockchain for voting process (in Ukrainian).

@20:23 In how many years Ukraine will be able to vote using Blockchain? (in Ukrainian).

@21:08 Basic steps to implement Blockchain in voting technology (in Ukrainian).

@21:53 Do we need to regulate the transactions with cryptocurrencies and other Blockchain activities? (in Ukrainian).

@22:11 Impessions of Oleksandr Stelmah about NEM technology (in Ukrainian).

@23:13 How to popularize Blockchain among Ukrainians (in Ukrainian).

@24:10 Eugeniy Klyukin from NEM Ukraine about goals and aspirations (in Ukrainian).

@25:09 About testing vote process on Blockchain platform. Cooperation with the Central election commission of Ukraine (in Ukrainian).

@26:05 About the idea of creating a mobile application that will form an electronic protocol at polling stations on the basis of NEM Blockchain (in Ukrainian).

@27:20 Ukrainian projects that work on the basis of NEM Blockchain (in Ukrainian).

@28:05 Eugeniy Klyukin’s thoughts on hype (in Ukrainian).

@28:56 Areas of Blockchain application (in Ukrainian).

@30:31 How quickly is it possible to implement a project based on NEM? (in Ukrainian).

@32:33 Eugeniy Klyukin’s advice for people who start learning cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (in Ukrainian).

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