Zimbabwe's control is in the hands of the army

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The army in Qatar on the streets of Zimbabwe. Atyuti Armored Car Mugabe president arrested! The government TV channel has occupied the army. Yet the Zimbabwean army does not agree to a military insurgency.

The country's army chief told a TV channel that President Robert Mugabe is completely safe. Although the unsolicited sources of the last known report, the president has been detained. His close friends were arrested. Finance minister has been arrested But why this army insurgency speculation?

On Wednesday, there was a continuous sound-bomb attack in the capital Harare. One battal tank standing on a specific distance. Mugabe, 93 years old, deposed Vice-President Emerson Mangagawa.

Since then, Zimbabwe was becoming increasingly hot. The situation has plummeted since last Tuesday. However, the government sources said that water was thrown in the speculation of a military uprising.

According to the BBC and Reuters sources, it has been instructed in almost every citizen of Zimbabwe to take the extreme precautions.

The US Embassy has tweeted the US citizens living in Harare, living in the house under untimely conditions. Embassy staff are monitoring the overall situation.

Zimbabwe's army chief Major General Seibusiso Moo has said that the president and his family are completely insecure. They have been safely moved away elsewhere.

He further said, we just targeted those people around the president, who are doing crimes. Why is the raid on the streets?

In this context, the army chief said that the miscreants have been deployed or the army has been dropped. The army is working for wartime activities for financial and social development of the country. All citizens have been advised to leave the road without the need. Is not it a military coup?

In fact, since independence from Britain in 1980, President Robert Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe. Recently the news of the deterioration of the condition of the state head of 93 years was heard. In this situation, Mugab's wife and deposed Vice President got involved in dispute with her successor.

In this context, Alex Magizea, former Zimbabwean opposition leader, claimed that the claim of the army was false. In Zimbabwe, the army actually rebelled. The army has occupied the country by sacking the president.

According to the BBC, most of the firing is going on near Mugabe and the top government officials. Last week, Mugabe removed Vice President Mangagawa The political analyst, who was supposed to be the next president, was thinking of it. But Mugabe favoring his wife Grace Mugabe as the next president. In this case, severe turmoil was made in the ruling Jan-PF team.

Mugabe probably found the army rebellion. The deputy vice president expressed fears that he was planning to kill him. Is that true now?