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My neighbor is an old lady and she is going to be a grandmother for the second time, she will have a male grandson and she had a nice white knitted blanket for the Hello Kitty baby's crib and it couldn't be because she is a male not a female, besides Nowadays some moms are doing everything from the baby of a specific theme, in the case of Paul Alessandro all the decoration of his room is my Micky Mause, she needs to change that Hello Kitty embroidery for one of Micky Mause, let's see how We did it.

Sin título-1.jpg


First we make a design on the computer with the Wilcom program, we will make a picture that covers all the space where the Hello Kitty is located.


Within this painting will be the new Micky embroidery that will combine with the rest of Paul Alessandro's decoration.


The green outline of the frame means that you will make a rectangular seam in the form of a rectangle and then make a white frame with a ruffled outline that will cover the fabric.


Then we made a transformation of the JPG image drawing to thread, placing the initials of the name first and then the stars, we finished the drawing applying a stitch that I am also experiencing that it is a more open tatami with less thread and so there is no risk that it is embroidered to get away with washing while time passes.

Sin título-2.jpg

We have our digital ready and now we proceed to insert it in the embroidery machine, to meet the objective we will need:

Double entertainment and POP. Since our work is white on white and the fabric does not cover, we can not place it double, so with the interweaves it is enough.

Sin título-3.jpg

We assemble the blanket on the large square frame and place the fabric up so that the run stitch covers all the space just above the Hello Kitty.

We cut the leftover fabric with a scissor, the entire edge where the run is.

Sin título-4.jpg

So we were left, the square completely covered to continue with the white border, which is 5 mm thick, enough to cover any detail of excess fabric.


So we were left, the square completely covered to continue with the white border. When you play the machine, you will make the second step, which will cover the entire edge where we cut the fabric and thus there will be no cutting detail.

Sin título-5.jpg

Now we continue with our drawing that occupied the whole picture inside, the embroiderer will make micky according to the parts already elaborated in the Wilcom design.

We tear the remaining interlining that comes easily...

Sin título-6.jpg

We usually cut the underside of the embroidery to be replaced with a scissor so that any of the above remains, but in this case we decided to leave it since the blanket is made of a woven fabric and runs the risk of opening.

And ready we will have our blanket happened to be of girl to be for use of baby boy and Paul Alessandro super well combined.


Happy trip to the grandmother from Venezuela to Panama and happy
Neddlewormonday this week for everyone


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Wow it is fascinating to see how a professional like you is working. And you did such a great work in changing the design 😍

Yes my neighbor was saved from having little baby things and a little boy will be born, hehe thanks

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thank you

Hi, I had a lot to do this week but today I got to arrange the SBI share you got at last week's showcase report :)