The best knitted cardigan is the one that fits - #needleworkmonday crazyness

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The best cardigan is the one that fits....
This is the reason why I always knit with a clear vision in my mind and a true and tested pattern on my desktop. This is the reason why my yarn choice is strictly based on the recommendations of the pattern and I always double check with a big tension square, which I wash and block.
Ah ja… (or in English: oh, yes interesting)

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This passage was written by a white clad, smiling version of me, which is a sort of knitting conscience. Every time I pick up a new project, this poor creature runs in circles around me, trying to convince me to use a pattern, a tension square or if not, at least write down my own size or fit-idea.
Guess what – I never listen

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This is my face when my conscience wants to talk to me (the artwork in the background is made by Ai Weiwei. It's his amazing exhibition in K20)

Flash forward, the Fake Frankie cardigan. I unravelled again. This time the neckline. While knitting the first sleeve, I tried the cardigan on another time and again got an hate attack about the fit: the cardigan really looked like 💩 on me. But before I completely unravelled, the calmer and considerate version of me (you now the one with the flowy white dress and the serene smile on her face) told me to try to change the neckline first. And this time I accepted her advice. Although the neckline of the sweater looks ok while laying flat on the ground, put on it puckers and is too small at the neck and too wide at my high bust.

old neckline(15).png

@cryptocariad had a fabulous idea, namely to knit a collar instead of my strange garter stitch border. But I am so lazy… sigh… double sigh. So, I decided to crochet a new neckline first – crochet is so fast and convenient.

old neckline(16).png
The new neckline consist of two rows of single crochet made with a 6 mm hook

And now I have the reverse situation: laying down the neckline looks weird but put on it sits much better. The crochet neckline changed the fit completely. The new crochet neckline allows me to close the cardigan with one big button, so that the fit is more like an A-line cardigan. But I also can fold the neckline and have a kind of lapel.
Right now, I am happy with this solution… but we will see if I get another fit (about the fit 😂😂)

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This is a shorter post today, as my husband has some free days and we try to visit museums, fairs and forests. I hope you are all well and up 💕💕

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I love garter stitch borders but at the neck they can be problematic. I never know if and where to decrease...

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Hellooooo back 🌈❤️💕 and yes, I love the appearance of garter stitch, but know I learned the hard way, its not easy to calculate the appropriate stitchcount... to be honest, I am already back to pondering frogging the whole thing 😱

I thought I had opened the wrong post by mistake, one written by another person that I have never met before. But then, thank goodness, you appeared (Hurrah)!

The new collar sounds perfect (let's face it, we don't wear our cardigans in two dimensions, lying flat). It sounds the groovy creative solution I expect from you. Can we see a close up of the neck, please :)

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Do not fear! I am still completely unpredictable, unskilled and planless.... which you can deduce out of the fact, that I am again pondering to frog the sweater 😱😱😱 The euphoria about the new neckline lastet only for some days 😂😂
If you are still interested I can take another photo of the crochet neckline, but I have to disappoint, it does not fit as well as I wanted to make myself believe 😭 But you are so right with the three dimensions, they very often interfere with my plans - my visualisation skills seem to be limited to only two of them ... but my body is vehemently in the third.

The 2D vs 3D issues are one of the reasons I want to buy a dress form. I know you can try it on and use two mirrors etc, but sometimes you need to look at something and have both hands free!

Meanwhile I am also thinking about this...I am not good at visualising the finished garment and its fit. But it seems to be very difficult to find a dress form which really helps in sewing and which reflects the individual body proportions. Do you already have one in mind?

I agree with you, it is difficult. I have researched some online and there is a retailer locally that holds a wide selection - I would have to take some garments and try the forms out before making a decision. The one that I like from my research is quite costly, so I want to make sure it is going to help before spending the money!

The cardigan is beautiful, however the collar is but I can understand a good fit is so important. Else, what is the point of all the hardwork making the garment right? :) I am glad you are happy with it now. Aaah when will I get to move on from knitting squares into a cardigan? :P
And you are so funny! Love the photo of you next to the lion hehe.
Wishing you a happy dating sessions with your husband visiting enchanted forests, museums and fairs. The forests reminded me of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton hehe.

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I will start with the disenchantment: I am again pondering to frog the sweater 😱 Euphoria only held for some days and now I am back to disliking its fit... again... sigh. So, if you start to knit sweaters (which you absolutely can - you only need to learn in- and decreases) you should never listen to my advices 🤪
The artwork from Ai Weiwei is made out of Lego and it displays the Chinese zodiac sing of the tiger 🐯 (which I was born in) I tried to look dangerous... which as always result in - ahem - funny :-DDD But I am happy you like the photo
And your wonderful wishes helped: we visited last Monday a big amusement fair and I could not contain myself... I made hundreds of photos and boomerang short videos. THere were so many crazy rides. I got ill by looking on them 🤮 No idea how people managed to stay on them...But wonderful for photos as they were so colourful.
And I love Enid Blyton when I was younger. I always wanted to be one of them 💕💕

Ahaha- hello :)

Love reading your posts and seeing your work.

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Happy you liked it... (I guess, I should not tell you, that I am again thinking about frogging the sweater 😱😱😂)

Frogging is my favorite.

Except I frog other people’s work - and turn them into fairy dresses.

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