I made pajama pants and wore them outside - pattern from Asuka Hamada

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Yesterday I wrote in a comment to @shanibeer that I want to be more daring with my clothes. I want to look so beautiful and exceptional like the designers of this new show Next in Fashion on Netflix I want to be usable as an example of art on a body… So, I have sewn pajama pants and will wear them outside.
Do I have your attention?

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Good, because now will follow an boring post about how you manage to sew the easiest pants in the world (and make it possible that they do not fit).

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Again I want to remind you of my long list of sewing goals for 2020 and one item is ‚sewing trousers‘. I may have already told you several times that I find buying fitting trousers a nearly impossible task for me. Trousers are mostly to small in the thighs, to high in the front rise and too wide at the back of my waist. With this knowledge I am already equipped to modify a pattern for a perfect pair of trousers for my body. But what shall I say, my crafty enthusiasm got the better of me.

Kopie von Kopie von Design ohne Titel1.png

My pant sewing experiment started out very clever (but it deteriorated fast). Last year I bought a super cheap cotton fabric on the Maastricht market. I already washed it and it is soft and thin, perfect for a comfortable pair of pajama pants. The pattern was also ready to use, cut out about half a year ago…
This time my fabric was big enough for the item I wanted to sew, and I did not have to puzzle the pieces weirdly onto the fabric.
I placed the trousers legs on the fabric, and the waistband and…. yes and. There were three more strange pattern pieces I should cut out, and no, the pants have no pockets. As a diligent sewist I should have fetched the book and read how the pants are assembled and why there are these excess pattern pieces. But you know me, why do something reflected if I also could do something stupid? So, instead of reading I took my scissors out and cut the fabric.

old neckline4.png

Oh wait, I forgot, I also modified this never used and completely alien pattern, as the pants seemed to have a too high rise and too short legs. (As if I have any experience how the pieces of a trousers pattern should look) Therefore, I cut 5 cm of the front and back height and elongated the legs. (I see you bumping your head on the table, stop it please, you will hurt yourself). I also may have forgotten which part was the front leg and which the back.


So, fabric cut out, I thought to investigate the explanation, how to proceed. And yeah funny, as I used a Japanese pattern, I did not understand what I should do (believe me, I am laughing myself). I somehow forgot that this pattern was from an extremely stylish and wonderful Japanese book "Sewing Sweet Clothes" from Asuka Hamada, which provided only these two pages of compressed explanations.


But not to worry, I was in such a high, that I finally was trying to sew pants, that I simply took another magazine with similar pants in it and read the following instructions „sew the side seams together“. Which I did. I sewed all side seams together. And made a skirt.
Sadly, I have no photo of my mistake. I was in such a hurry to rip the skirt/trousers open I forgot to take one. Back to four separate parts of fabric, I again pinned them together… and again I made a skirt. I could not wrap my head around the instructions. At this point I was coming down from my sewing high, and I started to research the internet for a better explanation, and I found these two wonderful websites: one for sewing the trousers and one for adjusting the fit.

Kopie von Kopie von Design ohne Titel2.png

Now I understood, that I first had to sew two separate legs, which I then stuff into one another to close the crotch. DONE!!!! I made my first pants. Yippee 🥳
The waistband I ironed into form and then I sewed in on in one go… You can see it on the photo. After reading a bit more about pant making in the last days, I now know better. I should have first sewed the waistband on the outside of the trousers and then should have folded it inside and sewed exactly into the outside seam, so that this seam is invisible. I put the elastic into the waistband and sewed the remaining opening together and the result is this pair of pajama pants.

Kopie von Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel8.png
it was cold and stormy while taking the photos and I am a wussy...

I jumped out of my skirt and put them on and they – ahem – kind of fit. As written into the introduction of this post, there are several things I should have paid attention to before I cut out the fabric. My pajama pants were too short in the back (remember my huge bottom), too tight at my thighs, too short at the legs and too long at the front rise. Exactly the things I hate on bought trousers. 😂😂😂

Kopie von Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel7.png

To make a wearable garment out of this mess, I decided to wear them with the fromt turned to the back. These trousers have two folds at the front and when turned to my back, these provided a bit of extra room for my bottom. As the trousers still barely covered my back, I decided to sew a higher waistband (as high as the remaining scraps of fabric allowed).

Be greedy buy everything.jpg remember: cold

Not perfect but not too bad either (in my view). But be sure, I will never wear them outside. This was only to draw your attention dear readers 😂💕

Addendum: I still have the excess pattern pieces from the original Japanese pants, which are by the way, not meant to be worn in bed. I guess these pieces should have been inserted into the front as a kind of fake fly.

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

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Love, love your pyjamas pants!! I am suppose to sew one for my dad but I haven't, just procrastinating. But thanks to you, I am motivated to sew it now!! I love how comfy it looks! You are so clever!!
Hehe yah, how do you make sense of the Japanese pattern? I am always tempted to buy Japanese pattern books because the photos are just so cute but when I tried to decipher the pattern, I am at lost entirely.
I love how daring you are to "change" into your new pj pants to specially pose for us! You sure got my attention :)

Yes, go for it. I only needed so long because I am so inexperienced with trousers, yours will be done in no time. I also will try again when i find some inexpensive fabric for another pair. And with the Japanese pattern: as I just proofed, I also don't understand them. Ok, this is exaggerated. Patterns which are for garments I already have made are understandable, like sweaters or easy dresses, but everything else... perhaps we should force @akkippon to translate everything :-DDDD

Hehe, I laughed a lot about the skirt-making, I am better at making pants than skirts, since I never wear skirts. It's actually good to make loose easy pants like that because over time, your pattern can evolve into something that actually fits your particular body but your first attempt was not bad.

To start with: your fly was not fake - there should probably be a fastening, this means that there is less fabric at the waistband. It's always better to cut out a patterns as is, put it together and then do adjustments to things like back and front waistband heights because cutting off the top shortens the crotch and makes it tight and small. It also then makes the pants legs too short overall because then the crotch sits too high

For your bum, you should probably look at making the back panels wider at the side and then adding darts to shape it better.

Next time, cut the pattern out as is, put it together then put it on inside out. From there, you can see where you want to add darts, shorten waistbands, etc.

I am exactly the other way around, I mostly wear wide skirts, as it is so hard to get fitting trousers. But I am willing to learn. And I can only say yes to all your recommendations. I still am not sure why I do so strange things like modifying a pattern although I have no clue how the garment will be made or how it will fit. I blame the headaches…
I hope I will find another cheap cotton fabric soon, so that I can try out the pajama pants again and I hope I can incorporate your advices, especially for my backside :-D (I think I read I should scoop out the curve of the middle seam more for a better fit with a big bottom, besides making the back wider …is this right?)
But the fly… really very strange. The trousers do not have an additional fastening. They are meant to be worn with an elastic, there are no buttons or zippers mentioned. Or I am overlooking it, that’s always possible :-DDDD
Thank you so much for your support 💕💕🌈

Yes, the fly thing is odd but it is also possible to have an elasticated waistband and a fly. Looking at the picture you made of the instructions, I can see that the waistband was cut all in one piece so it is probably intended as a front-opening garment.

Hint: the back of a pair of pants always has the bigger crotch shape and is generally bigger ;)

Yes, the curve should be scooped out more for a larger bottom but the best suggestion I can give is to buy cheap unbleached calico, wash it and cut out a new pair of pants . Put it on inside out and make adjustments, using pins. Then, tack it together and recheck your fit. If you are happy take it all apart and then you have your very own template for a pair of pants that you'll be happy with in every way. Now you are ready to go and spend on fabric.

There is a big controversy (the press love to cover it) here about people going to the supermarket in their pajamas, watch out for paparazzi!
I like the shape of the pants, I think the extra pieces may have been a lining for the top part of the pants, hard to say 😂
I like that you just get it on and make things, always time to improve once you have made the first sample 😍

No way!!!!! I though I made an especially funny joke claiming to wear pajama trousers outside the sleeping room. But now I am warned, I will be looking out for journalists who try to catch a photo :-DDD But to be honest, I was not so daring as I claimed. We made the photos on Sunday in front of the old school which inhabits Silvis studio and the room where I sometimes rehearse. It’s mostly deserted on Saturday.
And yes, there is definitely room to improve 😂😂😂😂 I really have to laugh at myself sometimes, because I do so thoughtless things (and the strange thing is, mostly I had many thoughts about the topic... but the results of my thinking process in regard to sewing are a bit disappointing 🤪)
Today I will visit a sewing course ... so there is hope 😂

From a person who knows essentially nothing about sewing, this post was a very satisfying read. I felt like I was on a journey with you to get to the pajama pants. Your pictures are the perfect addition, you look like you're making the best of the cold, and actually having fun with the whole thing.

It really felt like I was reading a chapter from a storybook, awesome post - thank you neumannsalva!

What a wonderful compliment!!!! It is so lovely to hear you felt entertained although sewing is not (yet 😂) your favorite hobby.
I send some of the photos (we made a lot) to an instagram sewing friend who lives in the USA near the Great Lakes and we both had to laugh very hard: she at the same time made a sleeveless top and posed outside for a photo and found the temperature bearable (minus 5 degrees Celsius) and I was whining how cold it was while wearing pajama pants with tights beneath a thick sweater and a shawl... while having plus 9 degrees. Maybe I am softer than I thought 😂😂😂
Thank you again for your lovely comment, that means a lot 🌈💕

Ohhh, -5 C and 9 C are both very cold! You and your friend are true sewing warriors, to go out and model warm weather clothing in those kind of harsh conditions. It's great you have so much passion for your craft, it really comes through your pics and words. Happy Sewing, and stay warm! :-)

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