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Hello Needleworkers,

Two Months ago I decided to start my Valentine's Day Kitchen crafts. I thought I was exaggerating a little with my timeline, but here we are and the project is not quite done yet.

I have crafted a dish drying mat, a kitchen towel, and a napkin. Now I am finding myself with not that much yarn left. I haven't decided if I will be making more small napkins, or if I will be saving the yarn to put an edging on something else, and expand my Valentines Day Collection.

For now, I am happy with what I have and look forward to displaying it as a collection. I have also pondered the idea of embroidering them or adding some fabric somethings to make them more decorative.

One thing that is cool about starting a Valentines Day Craft since the summer before, I have lots of time to embellish.



Pink pink and more pink yarn kitchen crafts collection.

Thank you for visiting me today. I look forward to seeing some of your creations.


images and graphics used are mine and compiled together using Canva or simply uploaded from my phone. except the banners which are used with the permission of the community who they were created for

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Very good posts. Brother's continued success

Very cool!

Plus at the end of it - you have subverting tangible to show.

A few weeks ago I saw a Brooklyn street sign where the pole was crochet. I was like WTF?!

The pink yarn is beautiful. I've bought blue ones similar to yours. Haven't started on it. Still nicely wrapped up 😎

Lovely idea - it made me look at my kitchen clothes (they have seenbetter days - shh!) and think about creating some new ones.
Look forward to seeing the finished version :)

Look at all that lovely pink! 😍 It’s great to see you were able to make a whole kitchen collection! I think adding fabric or ribbon to some of the items will give it a nice extra touch! Thanks for updating us and sharing today!! 😊

I love your big fragmented post photo <3 The design is really great. And as I love pink, I still love your Valentines collection. I am curious: how would you embroider it? I currently have seen so many beautiful embroidery, I would love to see your ideas.

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Great photos @metzli. I like the look of the cotton - it looks very smooth

Ooo I like the yarn @metzli and your crochet pieces are very nice and neat. It is a good idea to start early. Lots of time to work on your master pieces :)