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I was so busy helping my Mother in Law last week that I barely had the energy to knit.
And then my fingers got so dry from all the washing and cleaning that my fingers cracked. So I am going to let them heal a few days...

In the meantime my progress to date:

And I am happy to say that the cats have accepted me back into the house and are keeping me company this evening.

Happy #needleworkmonday!

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Good to know you are accepted back... would have been a problem otherwise 🙀 And I hope you have a bit time to relax and cure your hands.

you are an angel that helps, that better than that friend, one thing compensates the other, relax and continue to be on the lookout to see how it is;)

Yes, do let your fingers heal! And can I just say, that is a BEAUTIFUL table your crochet is on? O:


That table is a cool table my MIL found at pier1 a few years ago. It fits over the chair arm to be used as a lap tray. I love the pattern on the top as well and regularly threaten to steal it for my home. :)


Ohhhh, nifty! I would totally threaten that, too. LOL

Hope your fingers heal soon! It's a very annoying thing when they are cracked...
Love that table! Your MIL seems to have a keen eye for beautiful things :-)

It looks beautiful, I love the colour!