Needlework Monday - a Minds Group

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Some of you may know I have been playing over on alot lately, and I am liking it ;)

Today I spoke with @crosheille about extending #needleworkmonday to Minds, and she I have created a group there where we can post as well. It is more like a fb group in the setup, so all posts can be put directly into the group, or made on a personal page, then linked. You can even make your blog post here, then add the link there. Minds is much more open to links from other places.

So, if you are on Minds, please feel free to join the group!


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I have never heard of this platform: thank you for introducing this... I will directly follow your advice and visit it :-D

Yay, I will see you over there too then :) Both platforms have their strong points, and I do still love Steemit...

I am a quick update person a long in-depth blog post here and there, but most often I am a 'here's my progress', or 'here's an update' with one photo kind of person...I don't have time for blog posts most of the time...

I am more of an writer, but have to admit that all these social media is taking over :-D I am not sure if I should engage in another network. The designe and features of minds are looking great, I will see how it develops and how I can manage :-D

Yeah, they can take over. I am really only on Steemit and Minds now...

I still have the fb (because that is where the rug hooking ladies hang) and Twitter (because I post there from the shops) ...but that is all I do there.

I think I’ll go check minds out thank you for letting us know about it 🙂

Is like Steemit? What crypto tokens does it use?

It is like a cross between a fb and Steemit...On your profile page you can create blogs (they have a markdown setup), and you can directly upload video, you can upload photos into can create groups, and you can add links into posts or blogs. You can link youtube video (not sure how Dtube would work because I am not a video person) can link pretty much whatever you want, they are open to most everything one might want to post (so long as it is legal)

The Minds PM is also encrypted, not even they can see it...

Right now they are in Beta test mode for their tokens with MetaMask. It will all be ETH based, so transferring to ETH will be very simple, or from ETH to Minds tokens.

They are NOT using a whale system though...there are set amounts of points you earn when someone likes, shares, comments on your posts...then the pool is split once a day based on points earned, so all have an equal chance to earn with good content.

Each token is worth 1000 views, if you choose to boost a post using tokens...and you can wire tokens to other minds users through the platform.

So far I like it alot. There is an off grid/survivalist group...and GeordiePrepper started a prepper's group...but there are no Homesteading groups yet. There are horticulture, permaculture and climate change groups though. It is still fairly new, so I am sure it will fill out soon.

Also, there is no voting power to run out slider, and downvotes don't take your points away, they are simply a way people can say they don't like something.

Everything goes through the feed in chronological order, so no top ten getting all the views either.

You get mentions, feed for groups, feed for people you subscribe to, feed to see who subscribed to you, etc...without needing outside apps to get the info.

@pennsif moving right along over on Minds ;) So far I find I like it very much...