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RE: Who wants to knit the second sock? Sock knitting, children’s games and racism

I wish I could help you with the (sock) knitting, @neumannsalva, but my skills haven't reached that level yet :D

I really like that twisted cuff feature and the colour of that sock. I'd have to support @jamethiel's suggestion to wear 'odd socks' which is what @tinygalaxy does automatically and as a 'design' feature.

I have also been a victim of racism and discrimination and I have to say that since the Brexit palaver it's become worse. I'd better not enter into all that as it's too painful and hard to write about, but not being at the 'privileged end' I've always encouraged my children to question their own behaviour to not just follow the group and to reflect on their actions.


Oh no... I did not think that the Brexit would make the situation worse. I must admit, I am also always a bit shocked if I am confronted with open racism or discrimination. As you can see on my photos I profit from white privileges and besides this my husband works in a non-profit organisation which helps refugees, migrants, poor or old people. So most of our friends have very similar opinions (or do not dare to say racist and discriminating things in our face) - I am perhaps living in a bubble, were I seldom encounter structural or private discrimination personally. In Germany the biggest problem is, that society/media wants to externalize the discrimination problems by saying, it is only a problem of right-wing extremists.... but no, such problems are found in the middle of society... Sorry I rant without structure.

And with the socks: I am slowly accepting the idea of wearing two different socks :-D The striped ones were not so pleasant to make, as I do not like to work with several (ahem two) yarns at once. I do not know why, but it makes me nervous. So, I contemplate to make the second one not striped, but with big blocks of color. I know, it is only a beginning in wearing different socks :-DDD

It's hard but we just keep going, @neumannsalva - even when social media helps to some extent to bring issues to the fore.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what you decide to do about the dreaded second socks :D

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