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RE: Who wants to knit the second sock? Sock knitting, children’s games and racism

It is truly saddening the racism I myself still witness at times. As a black woman it was very hard reading about the game and very offensive. Although it seems it could have possibly been about death rather than a black man, the Middle Ages was a time when racism was extremely prevalent.

My father who is of dark skin still has anxiety and sadness over the racist remarks, attitudes and treatments from the unaccepting society that once was (and unfortunately still is). When we were young he used to tell us the things he went through in the electrical trade and how he had to work out in the bitter cold while the white apprentices got to stay inside in the warmth drinking coffee. It was very upsetting, almost to where I didn’t want to be around anyone of that race because of how “they” treated my dad. I say “they” because I learned it was not fair to put everyone in the same category. I learned this as I got older that every individual person makes their own decisions. Not all people of the same race act the same or have the same views. I learned that there are just some people who choose to be that way and there is nothing you can do but pray for them :) But sadly those experiences my father went through caused him to develop some prejudices of his own. Still today he has trouble with trusting other races or wanting to have any dealings with them. It’s like a ripple effect :(

Wow I almost didn’t leave any space to talk about your socks lol. I do thank you for highlighting this matter that needs to change and for sharing that you hope we can create a better place.

If I could knit as good as you I would love to knit your other sock...but I can’t. I love the thickness of them and how they fit your foot! I am so glad you at least have your llama friend to help you! 💗

Sending more hugs your way! 🤗🤗🤗


As I heard on a school yard that this game is still played and that there are people who defend it in its racists form I was speechless. It is so easy changed. There are many resources available for free how to change such old and outdated offensive games for children. No idea why people are so stupid (ok... sadly I have ideas why they behave like this, but it does not help, as racism and group-focused enmity is not only a problem of individuals but a structural problem)
I am more than sorry, that you and your family are still affected by racism. Your father’s history is gruesome, and I can relate to his rejecting other races. I think being constantly mistreated leads to a general loss of trust in humans and society. Not trusting could be a survival strategy.
As said above I hope I can change things in my environment for the better.

Thank you so much for sharing this personal story 💗

(and with the sock: I toughed up and started the second one 😆😆😆)

You would think people would take the time to change offensive activities but it just goes to show that people will be people . Some may still be ignorant and others just not caring.

Thank you. That’s exactly what it has become for my dad, a survival mechanism. It’s very sad how such treatment can stick with you all of your life and have such an affect on you.

Well good for you darling!! Can’t wait to see it :D

It's like, you've probably seen, those statues of a black jockey that some people have in their yards. I have never seen one in real life, but the online controversy is basically, they're such caricatures, some of them look like black face and not actually a black person at all, why don't people just not keep them anymore? They're obviously offensive. Then some people claim it meant during the Underground Railroad that that was a safe house, so it's actually a good symbol. But nobody can prove that - snopes says it's unproven, at best - so maybe that's true, but maybe it's not, and nobody walking down the street seeing that in your yard is going to know you have it because you think it's a good symbol, they're going to see a caricature and WHY DON'T YOU JUST GET RID OF IT, IT ISN'T HARD. Like the game, maybe it originated in medieval times and meant the black plague, but maybe it didn't, and nowadays that connotation isn't really there, so why not just change the game, it isn't hard. But people have to double down instead of just be considerate, which says to me that they don't have good intentions at all. If they did, they would just stop!

Thank you for this response! I agree with everything :)

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