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As you now I am a #needleworkmonday fan and in the last few months I entered a few beauties.
This is a previous blog of a crochet dress and I made another one.
Due to alot it wasnt finished in time because now the weather isnt warm enough anymore.

Here is the crochet blog from the first dress:


I Made two sides and after that with embroidery thread put the two parts together. I think it's more fun to upgrade clothing, than to crochet I think that Will be the last pist about it😬 I takes alot off work.

The color of this picture is a bit off but this is the parts put together with pins.





Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated
And remember Focus on Being creative instead of Being busy !

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Wow this is really beautiful, and I'm guessing a lot of work! I'd love to see what it looks like on. That's sounded creepier than planned hahaha


Here I wear the green one
And I dont think its creepy Hihi


That's perfect over a swimsuit, isn't it! Thank you for sharing that ;)


I wore it on holiday and this one I keep for holiday or next summer !


ThAnx I bought a dress under it in skin color but the Nice weather is over

I love the color of this one! Thank you for sharing your progress!! I’m so glad to hear you are a #NeedleWorkMonday fan!! 😄🎉💗 It’s so great to have you with us!!


YES I love this group and the mamas too.
And so much creativity in All steemit woman !

You got a fan now @brittandjosie that lower part looks beautiful and for sure need a lot of work on those crafty design.....do share pic when it is on you 👍

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The photo is in the blog mentioned this was
dress 2. This blog had dress 1 andI Made a picture off it When I was wearing it !
Let me know what you think


Ahh just saw it @brittandjosie from the link..missed it eaelier........the winking 😉 eye on Green👗...looks 👀 perfect 👌...
the strap on shoulder have lot of work..right ?

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A wink for My followers


Hahah...too good 👌

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YES to much artistic it was a hell off a job! Do you crochet?

I can imagine how much work this was, but it turned out beautiful. And the color: looooveeee
I instantly want such a dress, but I am more than sure, nobody wants to see me wearing one :-DDD I visited your post about the green version and it fits you perfectly <3


Ohh Thats so Nice but its a hell off a job and than i Made a fault again had to do that part over and again, never doing it again. But do you crochet, as a yarn hugger 😉 #needleworkmonday @crosheile is a great group !
ThAnx for the comment

Hey @brittandjosie, I loved your green dress and I love you new colour! Can't imagine the amount of work that went into it. But for you to crochet 2 colour versions, you must really love this dress. The green one looks really good on you, am sure this one will too :)


It was do much work, never again but aside off a few little mistakes they turned Our great. But I found Out I am not the crochet lover turno g back to the needles