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Dear Bernie, if his silence means this, let him to stop to talk!!


the 2 are not correlated in any way

Make it spicier. Throw in some hidden cams in his house and make it like a documentary with a voiceover narrator. @bitfiend would totally be up for it.


Gladly! I will even set up the hidden cams but someone will need to distract seduce him


Say no more. Running around naked is my thing

Ned is pretty good at playing God: creates a universe and then disappears for an eternity.

Must be nice to be so rich you can create a revolutionary platform and then neglect it


Must be nice to have all that money to blow

Roger that. Who wants to take bets on how many of these you'll have to make?

Keep watching, i am with you.

I am also watching. Keep watching

Keep watching. I am not.... 😀

Stay watching on @ned. Keep it up@bernie.

seems @ned lost his posting key

Be active! @ned is watching 2️⃣4️⃣ hours.

Lets watch... ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)


This is beautiful. I have no other words. Just beautiful.

I also see that with you

37 days since the last post...


Why not keep eye on @dan?


Because @dan is completely irrelevant.


so @ned is on the list.

Maybe hes bored with things, and could be selling it on..

@ned is watching for sure. A 100% upvote from him can even change my life. Such a powerful man he is!




Did you check twitter?
Kids these days are on that network.
Or maybe MySpace?

But I am sure tomorrow will be a self satisfying post by Stinc.
And maybe even ned shows up to congratulate himself

@ned is making love.

God willing when you go to report it is good news.

Soon all the lamps will be lit

Image source

@ned is playing a guitar somewhere in africa with @dimimp maybe @dimimp is ned think🤓

Thank God because the theme of @ned is very repetitive, let's finish with this.

You are doing a nice work Bernei. You are exposing the flaws in this blockchain and its system.

I think there are some:

With regular updates you'll be able to add a watchdog to your name in no time :D

All eyes on Ned.

Your cashingout tag says a lot. He never commented on that, did he?

He is too busy to decide what's the next back stubbing mofo he is gonna delegate to!

I'm watching you watching me watching you

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He is human after all, he have his private life too

Curiously, "I seh di ned" is German slang for "I don't see you".