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I wish you nice flights @ned and enjoy the trip!
Go Steemit!

Represent! Let some more emotion fly on what ever talks you may have. Your words carry a lot of weight! Let your body language speak loudly! Safe travels and much success!


Or he can be himself. That works too :)


Haha! That works too! ;)

I have some free Menē for you while you are here in SF if you want it Ned :)


@ned take him up on his offer! @goldmatters is an amazing steemian

Have fun on your jet plane ride. lol


that's what i was thinkin'


Great minds think alike. lol You might want to sign up for @dustsweeper. FYI There is a .02 payout threshold so my solo upvotes get wasted.

Kids are off to school, house is quiet; fresh brewed coffee; about to watch your Oracles talk.
Good times. Have a great flight, mate.

Thanks for the recent announcements @ned, thank your for you efforts of keeping STEEMIT a fair and honest platform.
Have fun 👍

Have a safe trip!

MashAllha,,, You looking fresh. Hope that was a nice trip. I always like you.
Happy steeming.

Ah, flying to a crypto conference. I do hope that I'm able to do that someday.

Crypto pimp flyin high

Enjoy your trip, @ned! Will you be holding presentations in SF?

Have a safe trip @ned, Wish you good luck!

What will you do at San Fransisco?


My guess is to push Steem to the forefront in any way possible :D

Out of this world picture my Friend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating STEEMIT! I absolutely love the STEEMIT COMMUNITY! It is so VERY kind and helpful! STEEMIT is giving so MANY People hope and help! STEEMIT is truly the Caring Social Network! All of your effort is more than appreciated! It would be such a blessing if you could possibly focus on advertising. Television, Radio, Clothing and Billboards. If I could afford to, it would be my honor to do it for the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! God willing one day I will be able to afford to. MANY People are counting on STEEM my Friend and I know that you will not let us down. You are a GREAT human being! STEEMIT is putting food in People's mouths. You are giving People hope! The human race really needs you right now! So MANY People know what Bitcoin is, I hope and pray that STEEM gets to that level ASAP my Friend! I'm doing my part, I am telling everyone I know that about the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! And joining STEEMIT was one of the VERY best things that I have ever done for myself! All the VERY best my Friend! God Bless! Positive Energy! Great Karma! I hope to keep in touch! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

You could probably get a window seat if you wanted.

'Guys, do you KNOW who I am? I will...upvote you...if you give me a window seat. Yes. Thank you.'


hey bro.... are you aware of the awareness?


Don't even go there. I don't want to be aware. Let me languish in my own crapulence and ignorance.

All I know at this point that ned on a plane is better than snakes on a plane. Probably.

That is enough for me.

Steemit Jet one day! I promise and dude, use @steepshot

O-kay, so why flying to SF, flying from where to SF? Why just the selfie? Is there a big meeting coming up in SF? Is the fact that Microsoft is buying Git-hub going to be a cause of concern for Steem? Are there other open source repositories available to use? Even though Git-hub is open source, is there a possibility that since Microsoft is going to now be the owner of it that they own all the code that is currently available on Git-hub?

Is there going to be any current ramifications for STINC due to this purchase? We all saw what happened to IBM-Dos and PC-Dos back in the early days, Some of us still remember the Internet Explorer/Netscape scrape up? Is any one looking at moving from git-hub? and if so where?


Wowza, that's a lot of 'having some explaining to do' just for posting a pic. 🙊

But now that you posted it, I'm curious too. 🙈🙉


He has that worried look. It could be a serious look. I just thought I would ask, since it was just a picture, a chance to ask any thing kind of post. Him just saying here I am, what's on your mind kind of look.

I just thought I would ask, no one seemed to of mentioned it on any post about the purchase, so was just curious.

Do have a safe trip dear @ned
I wish I can make enough steem to fly a ✈ plane one day like you.

By the way, you look really cute @ned
Even in the dark


What na #sad 😔
But it's not funny 🤔



Looking good @ned keep it up man and thanks for creating Steemit because tbis the most amazing and trust worthy site that i ever seen in cryptocurrency world 👍thanks. Have a nice journey.

Oh! you are looking great

Time for a Dlive stream from 20,000 feet in the air!

Steem is airborne, soon, it will reach the aisle of the moon.

Thank you chief, thank you @ned for giving us steemit

Even the CEO posts self-pictures :)

Have a good trip man!

Have safe flight..

Stay safe man, steemian needs you.

Handsome means nothing without money but ofcourse you're handsome, may God grant you journey mercy.

Damn it seems as though this brother has it all.. The looks and all.. Have a safe trip boss

"... he's leavin', on a jet plane

... don't know when he'll be back again"


Now that song stuck in my head 🤣

Wew..., You are right...enjoyyy..

Looking tired mister :) hope you are doing well and have some rest on the flight eheheh

God bless you , Enjoy

Safe flight yolo 😂

safe trip and all the best @ned

Have Fun @ned :)

Safe trip @ned. Best of luck

You look well sir, safe journey

Have a nice trip

Good luck!

best president @ned 😎 good luck

Wow hi @ned ❤️Looking great

safe journey brother wish you best of luck

safe travels. keep making moves.

while you're in san francisco watch where you step.

Yes I am enjoy to see you and your post of course and have a safe flight.

Good one @ned. Have a safe journey!

C 👀 L

Thanks for that beautiful smile @ned ..just a perfect timing for my current mood.


Is excellent @ned. Regards from Venezuela. Successes and blessings.

it's cool to see a more personal post that's not about SMTs.
you should do this more often. and share more stories too.

"Hope you enjoy"? Your face?

@ned is on his way to the MOON, like STEEM!


Wish you a very cool safe trip Sir. Enjoy your Journey Sir!

@ned , make steemit the strongest and best ever!!!
we are here to stay!! Good luck!

looking cute @ned, especially going to my hometown!! enjoy and keep it real as you always do.

Lovely and safe fly!!*****

Enjoy your travels mate. Keep spreading the good word

Have fun and enjoy your trip. Safe trip @ned

Enjoy your trip. Oh, and all the cool kids are calling them 'selfies' :)

'on a mission from Steem' . best wishes.


Have a safe trip

Do have a safe trip! Wishing you more success.

Really cool one, and first of all i want to appreciate you because you and the team is really working hard to push the Steem to new heights and i watched the YouTube video where you and fellow member deeply explained the one vote and one account system and oracle system to find out individuality and the good person analysis and i am really excited for the future because as an Full Time Steemian, i want to see the growth of Steem and avoiding all speculations i believe that Hardfork, Community updates, Steemit Mobile Application and SMT's, once launched then i believe that Steem will rocket boosted. And i also watched the Korean Meetup videos where you deeply and effectively explained the Steem Blockchain and SMT's and yours and effort of team will be shine soon. And the most important aspect is, when you participated in Net Neutrality Panel at consensus and how the Steemit got an positive response as an whole.

And my intuition is saying that good days are ahead, because in my case till now i faced roller coaster journey but i continued because i personally admire this platform because, this platform is changing lives of people specially people who belongs to third world countries.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and hoping for more posts soon. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

pfffft... now look at that smug face.


Have a safe trip bro!

Welcome to Cali! :)

Looking fly as always

Best post ever! you follow for follow, and upvote for upvote, hahahaaha jsk

@ned you just fine like that. Handsome guy
Well... Me a black, hailing your cuteness from Africa.
Wish you a safe trip.
Your vision and dreams will not be defeated.
Go go ned!!!

Yes, I like it, but I'm curious about the music you're listening to. :)

When i see this pic, i remember someone. A football star from Atletico Madrid, Let me guess you look like KOKE..Lol, you must to see him. By the way take care of you

Enjoy the flight man :)

Looks cool boss

Cool. Ride on!!!