My entry for the NO DARE, JUST TRUTH contest.

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This is me, doing my own no dare, just truth post.bon-appetité.

What is that silly thing that takes a tear out of your eye?

Answer: slicing onion

What is the most weird thing you love?

Answer:weird Hmmmm, periwinkle

Funny part of the opposite sex that you like?

Answer: nice firm

Who is your Steemit Crush?


What is the craziest thing you have done on Steemit?

Answer:*** I think that'll be trying to resteem my post🙈And almost replying cheetah on someones post.***

Works of two Steemians that you doff your heart for?

Answer: @ejemai @tojukaka ,I'm loyal sirs.twale.

Which Steemian would you love to see a movie with (maybe a dark room....winks)

Answer:errrrrr unfortunately this one has no answer

What are the names of the three Steemian blogs you visit?

Answer:@surpassingoogle @sweetsssj @tojukaka

Who do you wish you are on Steemit?

Answer: awwwh, my second crush😍@sweetsssj. mhen I'd really like to be her.

What do you wish you could write on Steemit that you could?

Answer: 🤔fisheries/aquaculture

Which Steemian do you want to meet in person and what would be your action when you see them?

Answer: O. M. G @surpassinggoogle, I'd probably just look really stunned, go towards him and hug him,i might just shed some would be a really great experience.

What are the names of the three handsome guys/three beautiful ladies that you know on Steemit?

Answer: Guys: @peterwrites @spiritwalker @mritsnobigdeal
Ladies: @fejiro @annieben @elizabethscarlet.

Who would you choose as your Steemitfather, steemitmother, steemitdaughter and steemitson

Steemit father: @samstickks
Steemit mother: @jeline
Steemit son: @shedi
Steemit daughter: @joyce

Names of two followers who get low payout?

@eddykeys @ceemo

Names of followers who get good payout?

@tojukaka @ejemai

Given the opportunity to say one thing to @ned what would it be?

Answer: you rock, you're totally awesome,big thanks.

Nominating @kweenzykruzzy

I'm saying, Big love to @mimy and all the sponsors for this special opportunity .

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Really a truth Contest...
@zhyorna, I sincerely wanna wish you success and progress here on Steemit.keep steeming
Nicely written.... And thanks for the name mentioning.

Awww you're welcome, thank you too.