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RE: What was Dead and Gone Might Be Back! As Well As a Special Announcement

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Playoffs are a different animal! Will be interesting to see how people start defending Ben Simmons in the playoffs. They are going to force him to shoot a jump shot and even though its boring to watch, I would be surprised to see a team really aggressively just keep putting him on the free throw line.


The tough part is that if you sag off of Simmons you allow him to get a head of steam on his way to the rim as well as better vision on passing lanes. I agree that teams will likely try to force him to beat them with a jumpshot, but that's far easier said than done.

I think you meant you wouldn't be surprised @toddcast..which is a good point. 50% from the line? Yikes

Lol, I think you are right my friend! Feel free to check out my channel, I post a lot of Hoops Talk!