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RE: Every NBA Trade Of Deadline Day Analysis

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Nice rundown on a busy day.
The McDermott breakdown is hillarious!! Lol
The Cavs had no choice but to completely overhaul the roster. Youth and athleticism will help them for sure.
The Lakers have set themselves up for big moves in the offseason. They will let IT walk for sure so he can find a sucker to back up the brinks truck.
Letting Randle go too will open up some major cap space. Paul George? (He might stay in OKC) LeBron? Idk.
I just don’t know why the Grizzlies held out Tyreke Evans only to not move him. I was sure the Celts were gonna grab him to sure up the bench scoring. Ugh.
Maybe they sign iso-Joe. : )


Thank you @tinylayla. Agreed about the Tyreke Evans situation. That was just a terrible decision not to move him after sitting him out for a week and a half. I think my next article will be about the guys that should have been moved but didn't.

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