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RE: Cavaliers Trade Isaiah Thomas to Los Angeles Lakers

in #nba5 years ago

Honestly, the Cavs are trash as is right now. Now, when LeBron switches into playoff mode we will see just how far he can carry this team. And make no mistake, the team will only go as far as he carries them. With a supporting cast of injured Rose, average JR, injured IT, old Wade, useless Shumpert, old Calderon, offensively weak Crowder, injured Love, overrated Tristan and only-shoots-threes Korver, its no wonder the Cavs are struggling. This team wouldn't even make the Playoffs if it weren't for LeBron doing all the work. Who could blame him for leaving. The question is, when he leaves where will he go? And will Cleveland go back to hating him and calling him a snake?


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I agree!! I swear so many people just comment "yeah love your post."and don't even read the article or blog. SMH

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