Women, listen to this! (And men, too)

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Peace is Happiness at rest.

Happiness is peace in motion.

You can convert peace to happiness any time you want.

Naval Ravikant

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I just finished listening to this Joe Rogan episode with Naval Ravikant. There is so much good stuff in this clip, I'm gonna have to "rewind" right away and listen to it from scratch in stop-and-reflect-and-go modus again.

They say that 95% of their listeners are men, which is really a pity.

Naval's wisdom applies to everyone, no matter what gender, age or background, and Joe Rogan brings on the most interesting people from all backgrounds - philosophers, doctors, journalists, techies, finance experts, psychedelic experts, crypto experts, psychologists, comedians, athletes - you name it! And he has a skill to connect and bring the best bits of wisdom out of them.

So both Naval and Joe Rogan are worth following for everyone.

Naval is an investor in the tech world, but also a modern philosopher and life hacker. Read some of his tweet storms, like this famous one for example: How to get rich (without getting lucky).

A lot of his appearances on podcasts and wisdom have also been compiled on the website https://theangelphilosopher.com/ where you can learn more.

Here are two of my favorite bits of the interview below:

  • 53:50 The Modern Struggle - Loneliness vs "external attacks" - something many of us can relate to
  • 1:23:50 Peace vs. Happiness and how peace doesn't come from solving your external problems (see quote above)

The whole clip is interesting, but it feels like they really get going in the second half, talking about happiness, wealth creation, business and so much more.


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