My Entry: NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY by @udvas

in naturephotography •  9 months ago 

Good morning steemians!

Every weekend, the best place I want to visit is this place where I can refresh my feeling freely from a toxic days of heavy loads.Heavy loads from my kind of work, financially incapacity and of course being away from my love ones.Once and for all I still believe there will be hope after the sacrifices that I rendered from my whole life.

This is me in a beautiful morning in the Red Sea of Jizan,KSA.
Using my cheap mobile phone but still enable to have a great photography.

Thank you @udvas for this contest and may I greet you with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GOD BLESS.


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@surpassinggoogle be strong and God bless

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Thank you so much.

Loving you,
Nanay Deevi

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Great entry. Thanks for your joining in my contest. I appreciate your post and photograph.

You are so welcome Sir.
It is my engagement in steemit to cooperate in everything most especially now in downturns.

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