My New Guardian Angel

The fires last summer caused the hawks to come to our high valley in numbers unlike anything I have ever seen. My property had three hawks hanging out all summer and two of them stayed all winter. There were some very interesting "turf wars" at first, but they seemed to work it out eventually. Well, yesterday a new warrior showed up to guard our land. I got probably 20 pictures of him, of course all with my craptastic Samsung LunaPro cell phone so these are the only ones worth a flying fig... but it was incredible. He just sat there "vogueing" for me for several minutes. I finally put my phone up, look up at him and said "Thank you" and he looked down at me, looked me straight in the eye... and gave me some kind of soul message for which there are not words. Such a blessing! But I do wonder how the hawks are going to deal with this...





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Eagle medicine! Hawk medicine is noteworthy too mind you 🎶 what blessings! Eagle flies the highest and will deliver your prayers to Creator. Thanks for sharing your special moments with us. Namaste sweet friend. Hugs! 💗🙏💗


Thanks for sharing such a special moment with me! It was amazing, I think I held my breath most of the time lol! HUGS to you dear lady!!

This is one of the things I miss the most about Florida . . . a little known fact is that Florida has more bald eagles than any other state in the Lower 48. The only state with more is Alaska.

And, as primarily fish eaters, a lot of them are year-round residents, especially in the Keys. For the same reason, we also have large numbers of ospreys, and they and the eagles often live in close proximity.

Pinellas County, where I lived, is a designated bird sanctuary, and hosts well over 400 bird species over the course of the year. My 40th birthday gift from my then-husband was a decent camera for photographing the eagles.

I used to joke with my sister that if I was ever involved in a single-car crash, it would most likely be due to watching eagles, ospreys or dolphins. ;-)

That said, I've known Tennessee was home to golden eagles, but I've never been able to definitively identify one until January 19th, when I spotted one coming home from Cookeville. I always thought it interesting that they are more closely related to red-tailed hawks than they are to bald eagles.

And also in January, the last time I dropped Marek in Gallatin, I spotted a bald eagle overhead on my way back to I-40. So eagle medicine is strong right now.

As for your hawks and the eagle, they'll be fine, we had lots of both in Florida without any issues. The mockingbirds, on the other hand, will chase even eagles away if they get too close to their nests, and the eagles vacate. Tough little suckers!

One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life, one day crossing the bridge over Lake Seminole in a driving rain storm, was a bald eagle chasing an osprey and trying to steal his fish . . . not even twenty feet in front of my car. It was like an oil painting coming to life, and the really amazing thing is that I didn't wreck the car.

I'm so happy for you to have them nearby!!!

Ours gave me many years of enjoyment, wonder and awe. And yes, they are completely aware of us, and communicate on a soul level. And it's incredible when they do.


Osprey vs eagle - what a scene that must have been! I am not surprised to learn about them living in Florida. When I lived in Arkansas my boss told me about a nearby reserve that is a winter nesting ground for bald eagles. We went looking for it... "Hollow Bend" Is what my boss told me, in his rich, southern drawl... Could not find it, so I asked him to spell the name of the park for me. "Holla Bend." Exactly what he told me the first time, but I "interpreted" it into Yankee in error! LOL! Anyway, we found it the next trip, and we spotted almost 50 bald eagles in that one park. We also got to watch a HUGE flock of geese land on a pond - it took fully ten minutes for all of them to get down, just amazing!


I'll take hawk medicine. Eagles are rare here. At least bald eagles, there are some golden eagles about. But anyway, we have lots and lots of hawks! Great for you to have a new sheriff in town :)


I think he was just visiting. I have not seen him since. I actually think he is the same eagle I see on my milk run, we are just a couple ridges over from his normal hunting ground, not far at all as the eagle flies!

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The only place I've ever seen an eagle is at a zoo, must be magnificent to see one out in the open.


I live up a river then creek from Hell's Canyon, which is a breeding ground for something like 40 different types of raptors. If i were to ever invest in a REALLY good camera and then spend my days just hanging out in the canyon, I would probably be a famous wildlife photography eventually. It is a pretty incredible place to live!


It really sounds like it, you are blessed that way.