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The environment is the environment in which life takes place, but it can also be interpreted as the place where life takes place (plants / plants). This environment is very important for the survival of life in the world, in this environment there is also the life of animals in it. As we know, animals and plants play a very important role in human life on earth. Animals as one source of food ingredients in which there are various nutrients such as protein, calcium, zinc, and so on. Not much different from plants that play a role as a source of food that contains nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, D, etc., but it is also important that plants also function to produce oxygen that humans use to breathe.


In addition to animals and plants, in the environment, especially inside the earth there are various mining materials such as gold, silver, petroleum, iron sand and so on which are also needed for humans as various kinds of purposes such as:
▪1. As a medium for human economic activity the extraction of mining materials can drive the wheels of the community's economy and ultimately aim to increase the standard of living of humans on earth.
▪2. Gold for women's jewelry, which aims to enhance the appearance of a woman.
▪3. Iron sand as a mixture material to build a more sturdy building and
▪4. Petroleum which can be used as fuel for motorized vehicles, where in Indonesia the majority of vehicles use motorcycles that require fuel oil.


After we know the environmental elements, namely animals, plants and mining materials. We as humans must also realize that we are actually in that environment, even very influential on the preservation of animals, plants and mining materials. Humans are the only creatures on earth that God gives to mind. Therefore, humans as intelligent creatures should be able to properly process all the resources on earth wisely. We know that in the last few years the earth has experienced damage or degradation of natural resources caused by humans. Now it's time for us to get up to repair the damage that has already happened by reforestation, stop the practice of illegal logging and prohibit the poaching of protected animals. Remember that nature will remain sustainable if we take care of it. There is still time to improve everything, let's save the environment so we can enjoy life on this earth longer.

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Each one of us needs to do our part in taking care of the earth. Nice post!