Bald Cypress Trees at The Lake for TreeTuesday

in nature •  4 months ago

These Bald Cypress Trees are at a city park and man-made lake near my house call Bethany Lakes Park.
Note to my followers that read this post on Tuesday, September 11; I indentified these trees incorrectly as Cedar Trees yesterday!

Blad Cypress Tree Info




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Have A Blessed Day!


September 11, 2018
All original photos taken on my iPhone 8 Plus

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Thanks for sharing such a tranquil park @violetmed. These are not like the cedars I would see up north in Wisconsin. I imagine these are more like the cedars I would see in Lebanon.

I just finished reading 2 Samuel 7 when I decided to check out your blog. In my mind I imagined the palace David built and how it must have smelled when it was completed. Can you imagine walking around a house of cedar. Sometimes I think smell-a-gram might be a better way to communicate.

I have a question about the picture though. Are those ducks under the tree or rocks?


@mineopoly I figured out late last night that these trees are really Bald Cypress trees! Sorry about the misinformation! Thank you for making me take a closer look at these trees! I got in too much of a hurry when I posted this last night! Those are call knees underneath the Bald Cypress tree. There are a lot of ducks and geese at these lakes - more like 3 small ponds. :) I used to take Daniel and my daughter Laura to feed the ducks and geese at this park when there were little. Of course the mean geese would be greedy and want all of the bread

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

howdy there violetmed! gorgeous...that park is magnificent and the trees are definitely well watered! lol.


Yes @janton, apparently these trees can grow in water. I incorrectly identified them yesterday. See my note above. They are Bald Cypress trees, not Cedar Trees.


oh ok well I guess they do look a little bit different than regular cedar tress, thanks violetmed! how is the substitute teaching going and how many days or hours a week is that? It's probably not set days though because they don't know when a full time teacher will have to miss for some reason right?


Yes, exactly! Haha, I've only subbed 2 days so far this year and both times for my sister who lives here in Allen and is a 6th grade teacher. Once November gets here, I will be very busy...teachers and their own children get sick and they have training to go to or they just need a personal day off to take care of stuff. I also have a couple of schools that know me very well and teachers request me. Last May, I subbed 21 days out of 25 days I believe. Hope you have a great Wednesday!


howdy back violetmed! well that sounds interesting, yes it sounds like November and December would be very busy as far as subbing. And then you have the volunteer work at the butterfly places and all that! lol. I don't know the names of those places.

Awesome pick .
Beauty of nature.
In one pick beautifull tree ,amazing lake &awesome sky this is very fantastic pictures .
I love this pick .
@violetmed thanks for this type of post .
Keep posting such beautifull environment pictures....


I'm sorry, I don't understand this.

Gorgeous shots, such a beautiful area, being by the water is always such a calming time for me

Very relaxing picture, water and trees.

Un hermoso lugar, un regalo de la naturaleza, @violetmed.

Nice post for #treetuesday @violetmed. Lake and blue sky make for good framing of trees :)

I am in love... All is so beautiful

wow! nice view there 😍

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How lovely to look at, makes for a peaceful walk around the lake. Cedar Trees seem to do so well in the marshes and anywhere that water is involved. I had some on a piece of property I owned up on Lake Michigan.

Thank you for sharing the loveliness of the softly wilting boughs of the cedar, with the water bubbling up to keep the circulation going. Wonderful shot.

Have a wonderful night.


Thank you for your complement on the photos! @dswigle I figured out late last night that these trees are really Bald Cypress trees! Sorry about the misinformation!

@violetmed Stunning beauty of these strong cedar trees in the beautiful lake near your home. Dear friend it is pleasant and exciting to enjoy the beautiful view and the beautiful trees. Very happy to enjoy this magnificent scenery through your photos. Thank you for always showing us beautiful places with beautiful nature. A big greeting.

Love the Bald Cypress and its cousin the White Cedar.

This place near your home is especially beautiful! You probably walk around the shore of the lake. How interesting that trees grow from the water. Excellent photos!

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