The Octopus

in nature •  9 months ago

Octopuses Have Three Hearts?

Octopuses have three hearts! Two hearts to pump blood past their gills and one that pumps blood to their organs.

The heart that pumps blood to the organs actually stops beating while the octopus is swimming and this is why they prefer to crawl, swimming is exhausting for them.

Three hearts though! What a whole lotta love!


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You learn something new everyday and thanks for letting me know about the octopus having 3 hearts too.


They are interesting creatures!


I think many sea creatures are interesting esecially the ones in the deeper depths of the ocean.

Great picture and interesting fact. I once saw a programme (probably Sir David Attenborough) about an experiment where an Octopus was presented with a glass jar with a cork lid. Inside the jar sat a large prawn and octopuses like prawns. It took two hours, but it figured how to open the jar and get the prize. Amazing. Funnily enough, some people refer to the plural of octopus as octopi, but that seems a bit fussy to me, an English speaker!


I will have to see if I can find this octopus aptitude test and watch it!
Octopi is apparently from a time when the English language was being "Latinised" but is not really relevant now . Thanks for the comment! followed


You are welcome, I will follow you to see what more you find out about this creature.

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Great post. I love animals and creatures of the sea. I have heard a lot of stories of an octopus escaping their tanks, even when there are locks. They are creative and smart. I upvoted and resteemed, and followed you @umibozu